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They make money from personal data and they are 'shipping' data from EU to US, GDPR stuff allowed europe to scrape 1.2 Billion off them for that craic. That would be my interpretation of going after the licence

How's that different from targeting the money?
It's more about regulating what they do

Restricting what data they're allowed take and whether they're allowed store it at all
Very broadly speaking

There would be no shortage of Facebook critics with suggestions for this
Ok. Isn't that exactly what's happening? The whole point of GDPR?

As someone who advertises on FB it's funny to see how privacy stuff plays out from the other end. I used to be able target Stoat ads at "fans of Half Man Half Bisuit", for example, but all the small bands I used to target are gone, I presume cos they have too few fans and too-narrow targeting is a bit privacy-invasive. Also I want to target friends of people who like our page or one of our posts, cos music is essentially a social phenomenon - you used to be able do this, but it seems you can't anymore.

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