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Sep 4, 2005
City of Dreaming Spires
What's it all about?

The first few times someone asked if I was "on facebook", I looked at them as though they had vomited on my shoes. But now it seems everyone over here is on it.

Is it a thing in Eyerland?
tell them to fuck themselves and their damned facebook. "facebook"?? fuck does that mean?!
WTF? Sorry. Sorry. Forgot I could say 'what the' there. WHAT THE FUCK is a fucking facebook??? It sounds gak!

Like myspace, but less familiar and therefore more alarming.

I, for one, fear change. Particularly within the technological realm. Which I also fear.

Books don't sell your user information to Walmart. It's one of the many things I respect and admire about them.
i think you can only join facebook if you have a college email address i.e. are in college. i have one so i can snoop on other people's profiles. finding out things about people without talking to them.. very convienant.
in my college, the posh people use facebook most, the less posh, bebo.
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