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Nov 14, 1999
Electric Picnic Wants YOU!
Actually it wants you to persuade your neighbour to part with that 50’s caravan that's been blocking his yard and turn it into your own dream mobile wonderland.

It’s now two years since Trailer Park rolled into the Picnic, paying homage to the humble caravan, the glittering airstream, the vaudeville circus van. With its heady mix of oddities and eccentrics that picnickers happen upon randomly, this vintage vacation park brings smiles back to those in danger of taking their music and literature too seriously.

Electric Picnic is reaching out to you to be part of its creative team and make an indelible mark on Ireland’s favourite festival. Electric Picnic is inviting you to design an ART CARAVAN, to join the circus and become part of Trailer Park. We want artists, designers, dreamers and makers! We have money to help and tickets to give!

Stylist behind Trailer Park, Roz Jellett, is excited about what entrants will bring to the table. She says, "Electric Picnic has always been head and shoulders above all the others for creativity, and now it’s the turn of its own audience to have a chance to be the creators. It's all about participating, working behind the scenes, creating your own bit of madness, and looking after your own front porch. Those who are successful just won't believe how much fun it is to work at the Picnic, it's exhilarating and it's a tonic for artists."

It can be beautiful, it can be edgy, it can be funny, it can be anything you want but it needs to be interactive.

You can register for this van-tastic competition here. Absolute deadline for submitting your ideas is 28 February at 11:59am. Final decisions will be made and notified by mid-March. There are a number of grants on offer to the most impressive entrants. See below for more details, terms and conditions.

Electric Picnic 2014 : 29th / 30th/ 31st August.


chronic procrastinator
Staff member
Since 1999
Nov 14, 1999
Further competition details

Please submit your proposal for this competition by completing the online form, available here: http://electricpicnic.ie/trailer_park.php

Or alternatively please post to:

ATTN: Sorcha O’Reilly, Festival Republic, Bord Gais Energy Theatre, Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2

If you would like to discuss your idea before submitting please email Sorcha on: [email protected]

Grant information:

·A number of grants will be offered for the purpose of partially funding specific art caravan projects, in the vicinity of €300 to €2,000.

·One larger grant will be awarded, if an exceptional art caravan idea is proposed.

·These bursaries are not for labour; they are for materials.

What they are looking for:

·We are looking for projects that stand on their own as installations, independent of performances or activities, although these may well accompany and complete the installation.

·They do not need to be roadworthy, but it would help.

·They do need to be safe.

·The key word to consider is that these art caravans need to be INTERACTIVE.

·They need to be about the design of the exterior as well as the interior, and applicants should think about lighting as the area operates at night-time as well as daytime.

Other notes:

·For those who are interested in participating, we have a number of caravans / vehicles ‘in need of repair’ that can be made available.

·Please note that this project will require a significant time investment, and the ability to adhere to firm deadlines, and is going to need to be fuelled by artistic and practical passion.

·Up to 8 tickets will be given to each applicant to host their venue for the three full days of the festival.


There will be an opportunity for people to upload ideas to the Electric Picnic website and its Facebook site for other people to realise. Here are some thoughts:

•A mobile moustache clinic, in advance of Movember, where festival-goers can drop in to receive styling advice about what moustache might best suit them to cultivate. Participants can rent moustaches to try them out for the day.

•A gambling truck, where bets are taken on absolutely anything, from rain drops down windows to the gender of the next person to appear round the corner.

•An arm-wrestling caravan, where an ongoing search for the strongest man continues.

•A mutant vehicle with mobiles and chimes as a thing of beauty.

•A foot hospital ambulance with provision of hot seaweed foot baths and ointments.

•A vintage clothing / dressing up shop.

•A singer-songwriter horsebox with 4 seats for the audience. Guitar and harmonica provided.

•A miniature short-film cinema

•A knitted caravan, an ongoing textile art project.

•An architectural practice offering advice on small spaces/caravans.

•A cement-mixer which makes a stir fry

•A ouija board or séance caravan

•A time travel caravan (join the crew, pull the levers and see what period in history you end up. Run by mad scientists with fancy dress)

•A one minute rave caravan

•A confessional caravan

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