Oct 11, 2009
The auction is here: TRAVIS RYAN / DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS split CD cattle decapitation oop rare 31G | eBay

Rare, unopened out-of-print copy of the TRAVIS RYAN / DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS split CD (limited to 300 copies). Has been stored in a SMOKE FREE environment.

One of the more interesting pairings of harsh, electronic horror, upstart noise duo Death By A Thousand Cuts team up with CATTLE DECAPITATION vocalist Travis Ryan to transmit an hour of grim, nightmarish drone noise. Travis Ryan's four tracks open the disc with an edgy, paranoid ambience that mixes environmental buzzes and electronic hum with blurry theremin melodies and hushed buzzsaw tones, evoking the faint but discernible hum of electricity you feel when standing at the edge of an urban landscape in the middle of the night. Occasionally Ryan's droning dread lurches into a staticky overload that recalls the chopped up circuit burn of John Wiese, but more often drifts through a halogen-lit dreamworld similar to a grittier, urban take on Glass Throat Records atmospherics.

The other side of this split is haunted by Death By A Thousand Cut's nightmarish free electronic designs. DBATC's industrial hallucinations are conjured from noxious bass sinewaves and cloudy keyboard drones, curling upwards out of metal-on-metal carnage and blasts of laser-beam effects pedal violence, and the music becomes strangely beautiful, especially with the cosmic, Troum-meets-Bastard Noise insectoid frequencies of the final track "Approach Of The Black Claw".

1. TRAVIS RYAN - It's A Miserable Life
2. TRAVIS RYAN - The Watertower (for Jeremy Cook)
3. TRAVIS RYAN - 0.00
4. TRAVIS RYAN - Valence Minder
5. DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS - Some Motherfuckers Only Understand Hot Lead
6. DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS - On the Night It Rained Dead Insects
7.DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS - I Walk Through Walls
8. DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS - Approach of the Black Claw

Proceeds of this auction go towards funding future releases on Chrome Peeler Records.

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