[EASTER THURSDAY FREE ROOF PARTY]-Tenth Planet-sycamore club (1 Viewer)

Tenth Planet

Dec 7, 2009
[EASTER THURSDAY FREE ROOF PARTY]-Tenth Planet-sycamore club
Entry: FREE
Location: The Sycamore Club (The side of the Marquee), Sycamore Street, Temple Bar, Dublin

It’s a free rooftop party to kick off your Easter weekend. We invite you to the Sycamore Club ‘open-air penthouse bar ‘or rooftop for some tunes
...Residents from Big Dish Go, Amen Brother, We Are Electronic, Tenth Planet and more will be at the controls.

We’ll be starting early with the day that’s in it with doors 6-12 due to Friday being ‘good’. Come join us to kick of your weekend! 6 hours of good tunes and party vibes on one of the best roof bars in Dublin. There are drinks deals to boot so come down early for a great night of music.

It’s fully covered and open at the same time so you’ve got the best of both worlds. This is the first a series of parties in the space that we’ve planned as the weather starts to get better and better coming into the summer.

Party :)

Line Up:
Brian O'Neill
Conor Gilleran [Dit Dj Society]
Sean Gilheaney [Amen Brother]
Pete Cadden [Amen Brother]
Conor Feeney [Big Dish Go]
Deborah Machado [We Are Electronic]
Ciara Harrington [We Are Electronic]
Cathal O Gorman [Tenth Planet]

Drinks Deals :)
· Btl. Miller €3
· Btl. Carlsberg €3
· Pint of Coors Light €4
· Black Sambuca €4
· Havana & Coke/7up €5
· 3 Jager-Bombs €10
· Double vodka & Redbull €10

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