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Sep 7, 2009
Hi there,

Lots of new releases in this week – techno, house and electro - coming from the likes of Robert Hood, Kenny Larkin, Jeff Mills, Dexter, The Mole, Hieroglyphic Being, Moodymann, Ron Trent, Stacy Pullen, ArD2 (feat. Heinrich Muller), Tudor Acid (Luke Vibert + Radioactive Man mixes), and many more. Check below for full details!

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Restocks / Represses:
Big Strick - 100% Hustler (FXHE) [2x12”] 19.99
John Beltran - Earth & Nightfall Pt. 2 (Styrax) 10.99
Surgeon – Compliance Momentum (Dynamic Tension) 8.50
Traversable Wormhole – TW02 (Traversable Wormhole) 9.99
Traversable Wormhole – TW04 (Traversable Wormhole) 9.99
Traversable Wormhole – TW05 (Traversable Wormhole) 9.99


Darko Esser - Balans remixes Pt. 2 (Wolfskuil) 9.99
Claro Intellecto, Benny Rodrigues & Stephen Brown remixes.

Dexter - Redbox / 1992 (Dolly) 10.99
Dolly doesn’t stop with the big Jakob Korn release… Steffi and old Klakson label partner Dexter still collaborate. Dexter drops Dolly 2 with some old school Detroit influenced ‘1992’, with his trade mark sharp beats injected with phat funking KMS techno (including Reese bassline). Redbox is the same recipe. Dancefloor orientated old school house and techno influences with powerful production skills. Big peaktime tracks without doing the standard tricks… Pure dancefloor winner!

Edit Select - Surface To Air (Edit Select) 8.99
A1. Recluse
AA1. Surface To Air
The new release by Edit Select has been described as the stuff of legend and a future classic. On the A side 'Recluse' is a minimal Techno master class. Smooth, building rythms that combine with a teasing string melody that totally seduces your senses and refuses to let go. Reminiscent of past Ifach releases. On the flip is the title track Surface To Air; a dark modulating minimal classic that is so typical of the Edit Select sound, capping off his best release to date.

Gary Beck - Elisse (Bek Audio) 8.99
A1. Elisse
B1. Timeline

Jared Wilson - Paris Massacre (7777) 11.99
More expensive than usual, albeit killer 12” from Jared Wilson…

Jeff Mills - The Drummer Pt. 3 (Purpose Maker) 9.99
Jeff Mills concludes The Drummer project with this final part 3. Saving his most influential for the last, these selected drumming masters range from classic to fusion jazz: Art Blakey, Alphonse Mouzon, Elvin Jones and Bill Bruford. Chosen for their complex rudiments and hand control, The Drummer part 3 is the most profound in terms of human ability and control.

Kenny Larkin - Glob Remixes (Planet E) 9.99
Claude Vonstroke Remix
Ben Klock Remix
Kenny Larkin Remix

Luke Hess - Sound Mind EP (DeepLabs) 9.99
A1. Incline Your Ear
B1. Quick To Hear
B2. Slow To Speak

Quince & Benny Rodrigues - Novum (Smallville) 9.99
Amsterdam’s duo Quince (Delsin/ Rushhour) and Benny Rodrigues evolve an outstanding synthesis of a classic Detroit Techno Vibe and newest sound technology. With a bass blowing beast turning into deep space the A Side is created for dancefloor’s magic at its best. Based on strings, chords and 303 “Sweet Potatoes” on the B Side is a deeply kicking Detroit Electro tune. Awesome!

Reade Truth - Left Hand Path (Reade Truth White Label) 9.99

Realmz - Black Seas Of Infinity (Sonic Groove) 9.99
If there was one secret weapon to win a war for real techno music it is Realmz out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After a series of digital only releases on Sonic Groove over the past three years, the timing for Realmz to hit with a 4 track EP on black wax is now with Sonic Groove’s huge 20th anniversary event and label celebrations. The music of Realmz can be classified as deep, dark atmospheric, Detroit styled techno with an industrial twist. Realmz is for sure a name you will hear a lot more in the near future.

Revy - Brainburn (Slant Records) 8.99
A1. Brainburn - Original Mix
B1. Brainburn - Harvey McKay Remix
B2. Brainburn - Jerry Abstract Remix

Robert Hood - Realm (M-Plant) 9.99
Robert Hood continues his 'Perpetual Masters' series with classic re-releases, this time is the first ever Monobox release "Realm".

Stephen Brown - Red Room / Stress Free (Music Man) 9.99

The Mole - Nervous Dissid (New Kanada) 9.99


KiNK / Iron Curtis / Ladzinski – Halal Prepared Vol. 1 (Boe) 8.99
Kink with a track very reminiscent to Pepe Bradock’s ‘Burning’ - a great house track! Both Iron Curtis and Ladzinski deliver smooth techno work outs. Check!

Hieroglyphic Being - Beginning (Math Plus) 10.99
"From The Beginning 2 Eternity" EP contains said track from the original Galaxy Studio Sessions 2003, and from the same sessions, "Bird Songs 4 Amelie". These are from the original masters of releases that came out on Jeff Mills’ Axis/6277 label in 2004. Only 350 stamped white label copies.

Hieroglyphic Being – Ninth Root (Math Plus) 10.99
Hieroglyphic Being’s "The Ninth Root” EP from original source material that came out in 1998 on Mathematics. Later released on the debut Dirty Criminals 12" on DJ Hell's Gigolo imprint in 2001. 3 very acidic house tracks with that noisy aftertaste. 300 limited stamped white labels.

Moodymann - Dem Young Sconies (Decks Classix) 10.99
A1. Dem Young Sconies
B1. The Third Track
Beautifully packaged 12”. Worth it for the cover alone!

Rick Wilhite Presents - Vibes New and Rare Part B (Rush Hour) 9.99
Includes Theo Parrish remix

Ron Trent - Altered States Sampler (Prescription) 17.99 [2x12"]
4 track EP featuring tracks from the "Altered States Blak Society" CD. Three brand new house tracks: "As is above so is below" (11:16), "Ibash" (10:55), "Urban Skylines" (12:59) and the new K Alexi remix of "Altered States" (7:15). Pressed loud on double pack vinyl.


ArD2 - 2084 - The Mixes (Frigio) 8.99
A1. ArD2 - Anti De Sitter Space (Heinrich Mueller Mix)
A2. ArD2 - Staying Human (Juanpablo Mix)
B1. Inside The Rock
B2. ArD2 - 2085
B3. ArD2 - Awakening

Tudor Acid - Tudor Acid 304: Remixes (Tudor Beats) 8.99
A1. Tudor Disco – Luke Vibert Remix
B1. Urgent – Radioactive Man Remix
Both Luke Vibert and Radioactive Man are seminal electronic producers who always deliver with a flourish. They have continued to impress recently with Vibert’s ‘We Hear You’ album for Planet Mu and Radioactive Man’s ‘Growl’ album on his own Control Tower that was also picked up for Fabric’s in-house label. Luke Vibert puts a Kerrier District spin onto his version of ‘Tudor Disco’, which will move your mind and your feet with its driving acid groove, while Radioactive Man’s luscious remix of ‘Urgent’ takes its influence from Carl Craig's (69) track 'Desire'.

Various Artists - Balkan Vinyl Blue (Balkan Vinyl) 9.99
Tracks from Digitonal, The Doubtful Guest, Ardisson and Egebamyasi.

Various Artists - Balkan Vinyl Yellow (Balkan Vinyl) 9.99
Tracks from Kobi, Jaques Lueder, Cursorminer and Mully


Earwiggle @ All-City Records - 4 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Email: [email protected]


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