Drummer wanted near Slane/Navan

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Nov 15, 1999
Where dogs wear hats and birds fly backwards
(FYI - this is nothing to do with Stoat. We already have a very lovely and irreplaceable drummer, as ye know)

I've been playing in a fairly informal covers band on Wednesday nights in Boyle's of Slane, and there's been a falling-out between some of the band members and the pub. It all seems pretty silly to me, but as a new and fairly peripheral member of the band (bass player, naturally) there's nothing I can do about it. There's talk of a new version of the band forming from the ashes, and they/we are looking for a drummer. Will be mostly covers, practice Wed nights in Crookedwood Farm between Slane and Navan, and the odd gig. If you own/can play a cajon for acoustic stuff that'd be a bonus

Here they are (before I started playing with them) at EP last year


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