Drumanacoo (2-day) Punx Picnic, Donegal (1 Viewer)


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The festival was running late - Kidd Blunt were the next band on and you pushed yourselves on instead. Stop bullshitting on about alotted stage times - they weren't applicable because it was running over time. You knew what time it finished and that you had left us on at the end so fuck your stupid attempts at saving face. If nothing was wrong on your side why was Peter coming up to all of us afterwards apologising?? Damo wasn't there you mad bastard.
Well it was some bloke with a beard that looked like him. Anyway again you never approached any of BOW to ask us to split the stage time with you'se...


Be kind.
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Excuses were close to a 3rd set I believe.
Finally got to see excuses this weekend, deadly band.

I forgot to thank Gaz for the impromptu performance after Mark managed to break 3 strings in one song. Also June deserves a mention for doing a lot of the behind scenes stuff.


Only made it up for Sunday but it was well well worth the bus ride. Fucking great buzz and such great fun hanging out with/seein everybody. Some brilliant bands altogether, it got fairly fuckin insane in the marquee there for the last 4 or so bands.
Brilliant!! GALWAY PUNX!! :)

Oh btw, anyone wanna buy a couple of second hand BoW cds?? Fuckin Wanks.


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Well it was some bloke with a beard that looked like him. Anyway again you never approached any of BOW to ask us to split the stage time with you'se...
That must have been Ming, I hear he was acting the bollix the whole weekend?



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ill explain. yous all playing chinese whispers. its 10:30pm, i ask james from kidd blunt "can we play at 12:30, and yous play after us?" "yea no problem" says james. so 12:30 arrives and theres confusion as to whos playing first. the person in charge (jasper i believe) explains to kidd blunt that we play, then they play. the lad in charge explained this to them at the side of the stage. they knew the score.

half way through our set a kidd blunt fan gets up on the stage, grabs both my arms and wont let go. i cant play my bass. he shouts in my ear "im gonna remove each one of yous from this stage". kept clear of Townsend though didnt he. wonder why. anyone ever see that at a gig before? a member of the audience bearhugging the band so they cant play? i never seen that shit before.

our drummer hops on him to get him off the stage. while this KB fan is on the ground, blood or whiskey fans are kicking him in the head. real brave lads. real brave..... so we try to keep playing but the same fan now has some projectiles. he does a very good job of slicing up our drummers leg. did you really expect the lads to sit back and let you throw bits of drums at them? you asked for a fight and you got one.

all we wanted to do was play and go home. whatever about stage times, it got delayed, blah blah blah. at 12:30 that night the lad in charge of the fest told us to get up and play, at that same moment he turned to kidd blunt and told them they were on after us. they knew the score.

the KB fan who tried to remove us from the stage was not working at the fest, didnt speak to anyone regarding stage times, he was pissed out of his mind and had no reason for being on the stage. had this person minded his own business we would have played and gone home. not only that, we would have played, gone home, and there would have been time for kidd blunt to play. every bit of shit that went down that night falls on his head. stephen or anyone else whos still confused the number to call is 085-7788353.

last but not least i wanna say kidd blunt are all dead sound, theyre one of my favorite bands. they were the only band i wanted to see at that fest. i think violence should be the very very last option on the table, not the first. on sunday i quit blood or whiskey. I AM NO LONGER IN THE BAND. consider this a press release. anyone who wants to play bass for the pricks should contact them through myspace. and please no more chinese whispers


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It was my girlfriend who was punched in the face by Chris the drummer of bow, so I can actually tell what happened as for that, byrnos went up on stage to tell them there set was over and Chris the drummer launched from behind the kit and dragged him into the crowd, Chris started punching anything that he came in contact with, my girlfriend was trying to avoid the fight altogether when Chris turned around and struck her in the face

I went up to speak to the drummer and demand a apology when a man that was their friend/merch guy came up and punched me in the face and threw me against the marquee wall. After that happened we approached the drummer and asked for a apology and damage cost for the glasses he broke, he admitted to hitting her and did apologies but soon after refused to pay anything or give details and told us to "fuck off"

Toxic said that by giving the 50 Euros that is was a basically a good gesture. That's bull crap, Why would he give his address and number and asked for a receipt of the new repairs if he didn't admit liability??? He only paid the 50 Euro because the gardai had came into situation.

I amongst many other chanted for Kidd Blunt because it was their due time, When the bass player of blood or whiskey spat at me, The banjo player of the band approached me soon after declaring that "we're not paying anything, who are you? you're nothing" the banjo player then went to attack me but was restrained.

To top it all off when the bow band van was driving off their possie made a point of laughing and giving us all the finger........Real professional!

For us and all the other bands there was no rockstar egos.

the strange guy

Rockstars who are willing to give statements to pigs, punching the ladies and spitting at the crowd at punk festivals have no place there.
Good luck getting gigs in future, lads!

the strange guy

You're missing the point, BoW have not played the local Punk circuit in years, they play the bigger venues to a different type of crowd.
Ah sure you're totally right.
A whole festival full of Irish punks thinking you're all cunts can't harm an Irish 'punk' band.
When word gets around that you're stealing slots and punching the ladies ticket sales will rise, right?
Sure, the yanks and continentals are mad for that shit.


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Ah sure you're totally right.
A whole crowd of Irish punks thinking you're all cunts can't harm an Irish 'punk' band.
When word gets around that you're stealing slots and punching the ladies ticket sales will rise, right?
I could just quote my last reply to you but....
Do you really think next time they play the Button factory or we say Whelans or any other venue that no-one from here goes to that that will really effect their crowd? Most of their crowd are not the DIY Punk type crowd.
They will survive without us, brutal but reality.

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