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Jan 23, 2008
hefty horse presents:

Rusted Rail and Slow Loris are proud to announce the release of the “The Same Figure (Leaving)” by the Irish avant-folk project The Driftwood Manor. To mark the launch of this album of highly-addictive apocalyptic folk. The Driftwood Manor will depart on a nationwide tour in support of the album, joining them will be Dublin-based electro-folkers At Last An Atlas and labelmates Yawning Chasm

The Driftwood Manor play Anseo, Dublin on Sunday July 17th. Doors open 8pm sharp, Admission 5 euro.

Press :

“Heavy buzz and hum here is offset by full, sincere mandolin and banjo; there's some sparkling playing on this, with a particularly strong fiddle. It's a welcoming album but thankfully without an eager-to-please desperation.” - Jeanette Leech, SHINDIG Magazine

“Six tracks squeezed onto this teenie weenie disc, all bursting with passion and mourning from Eddie Keenan who sings, plays guitars and bouzouki, and all very well too may I add. With tracks like 'Bury Me Alive', 'Gone Devil', 'I would Lose You Still' and 'The Devil Is My Brother'; it's apparent that this isn't one to rock a party. So instead get a decent single malt in, put those tired feet up and sip away to the sound of one man's inner-mind as he performs a classy selection of morbid folk/ blues.” - Norman Records

“Therein lies the strength of Keenan's songwriting: the ability to come up with quite a number of songs in a coherent style that manage to be good enough in their own right to command the listener's attention. Particular attention must go to the superb "Bury Me Alive", a song with a strong dose of ballad and spiritual influence, sounding like it could come straight from some countryside church in the American (or Irish?) outback.” - Evening of Light

“featuring six short tracks that overflow with a sweet folk feel, that heady mix of sadness and melody, all topped off with the wonderful voice of Eddie Keenan. Mixing the sinister with the beautiful, the lyrics of "Bury Me Alive" are at odds with the sweetness of the tune, whilst "I Would Lose You Still" is aching in its sadness yet completely beautiful.” - Terrascope

“Driftwood Manor are based around the songwriting talents of Eddie Keenan and backed on this release by Neil Fitzgibbon on fiddle, Anne Marie Hynes on additional vocals, Bean Dolan on double bass and Steve Fanagan on accordion and percussion. The influence of Appalachian folk is clear but Eddie's treatment of the form is similar to Alasdair Robert's response to Scottish traditional folk forms. Lovely.” - Boa Melody Bar

“Eddie Keenan - The Driftwood Manor lead man who sings, plays guitars and bouzouki has done a phenomenal job by artfully crafting this set of songs with a slight touch of appalachian folk and psychedelic background making it sound more austere and gentle at the same time. The timbre of his voice is delivering a woeful mystery.” - Felthat Reviews


Rusted Rail is proud to announce the release of "The Shadow is That Hidden" a six song EP by west of Ireland-based home recording artist Yawning Chasm. All songs were written, performed and recorded by Aaron M. Coyne (who is also one half of Rusted Rail act Mirakil Whip) onto cassette 4-track in the cosy confines of a shed in Galway, throughout April, May and June of 2009. Fingerpicked slo-motion folk stylings and hauntological sonics are coaxed from tenor guitar, mandolin, mandobird, keyboard, guitar pedals, vocals and transistor radio dial.


“Yawning Chasm is the stage name of Galway underground singer-songwriter Aaron Coyne. He is well known to many music heads in the city as one half of electro/guitar band Mirakil Whip, but through Yawning Chasm he explores a modern, ruminative, psychedelic folk-rock. The EP's six songs were written, performed, and recorded by Aaron onto 4-track cassette in the cosy confines of a shed in Galway, throughout April, May, and June. It may sound primitive (4-track was the height of technology in 1967!) but "The Shadow Is That Hidden" has a rich, deep, and full sound, more impressive than its humble origins suggest.” - Galway Advertiser

“a hauntingly exquisite work of personal, idiosyncratic psych-folk. Employing little more than his strummed electric guitar and his sublimely understated, Kozelek-meets-early-Callahan voice, Coyne designs passionate and memorable songs that come off as original despite their minimalist composition...one of the strongest psychedelic folk releases in recent memory.” - Indieville

“mesmerizing dream-folk, the songs softly bouncing overhead like a handmade child's mobile. My highlight is 'Monsters', an arc of luminescent strums and Coyne's voice - often only a murmur - is similarly lullaby-esque.”- Jeanette Leech/SHINDIG Magazine

“This is beautifully crafted, hypnotic folk of the like you don't hear much nowadays. Simple guitar motifs are punctuated by thoughtful and reflective vocals and executed in short sharp doses. Some of the additional guitar effects and sounds help push these formal sounding tracks into the space zone. This is particularly apparent on opener 'To the void' and 'Tumble River' that have a slight Syd Barrett feel to them.”- Norman Records

“a lovely rustic selection of weird folk sounds with hints of early psychfolk and intimate lo fi bedroom indie folk.” -Road Records

“Slow shed-recorded songs accompanied by gorgeous (mandolin/guitar) finger-picking, casio and a haunting use of delay/reverb and shortwave radio that gives the songs the feeling of being beamed in from afar. Dreamy melancholia” - Boa Melody Bar


"At last An Atlas" are a duo consisting of Greg O’Brien and Frances Downey. Together they create music using an organ, synths, sampler, drum machines, nylon string guitar, ukulele, vocals, noises and field recordings. The project began in late 2008 and their first release “Ships leaving”, a split album with folk singer Paul O’Reilly, appeared in April 2009. In October 2009, “At Last An Atlas” toured America for a month playing shows throughout. In February 2010 “At Last An Atlas” released their debut album “From Which We Were Raised”. The album was very well received and has seen “At Last An Atlas” keep solidly busy playing shows with MGMT, Adrian Crowley and Valerie Frances among others.


"...an inspired debut of open-hearted stories, fey angles and musical left-turns." - 4/5 - The Ticket (The Irish Times)

"...a very sweet and well produced record... It is reflective, self contained and works perfectly the way it is." - 4/5 - Hotpress
Feb 19, 2008
Doom Na Gal
Cant wait to finally see Yawning Chasm live. His mini album is ridiculously good, one of the best releases from last year. Three song from it are now up here.


Ive watched this live vid dozens of times, love the well timed camera shutter sound.



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Oct 11, 2002
Yeah this will be great! Declan adds a lot to the live sound. Dying to see Driftwood Manor and At Last An Atlas again too! See yiz there

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