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Apr 28, 2008

+ Guilty Optics

Upstairs @ Whelan’s, May 19

Tickets €12.00 (plus booking fee)

“At their best, Double Dagger feel fresh and urgent. Each song is like another alarm clock ringing.” – Pitchfork, 8.1 Masks EP

”Skull-fuckingly loud.” – Rolling Stone

“Masks is an all-night drunken party in your best friend’s basement that you really don’t want to miss.” – Drowned in Sound

Making some of the most urgent, kicking and screaming, guitar-less, post-hardcore turbocharged POP you will hear anywhere right now, Baltimore punk three-piece Double Dagger hit Whelan’s, May 19.
Double Dagger does not make background music. The trio’s songs are meant to be experienced, rather than just listened to—either at one of their intense performances or with the volume turned up loud enough to feel it in your gut.

Double Dagger embodies the contradictions of the fair-yet-blighted city they call home—visceral, raw, cacophonously loud, yet with unexpected moments of clarity, humor, and revelation. Live, Double Dagger’s stripped-down musical line-up, consisting solely of bass, drums, and vocals, somehow manages to sound like a stage-full of musicians. Drummer Denny Bowen hammers the drums with such force that bassist Bruce Willen must employ four amps to match his volume. Singer Nolen Strals wades into, out of, and sometimes on top of the audience, channeling a dynamic energy that often has the three musicians dripping with sweat by the second song.

Double Dagger’s new EP, Masks takes up where their acclaimed 2009 full length, More, left off. Masks presents a series of vignettes, ranging from acerbic to facetious to self-reflective, on the facades we build within our lives. Masks contains some of Double Dagger’s most catchy songs to date, yet characteristically the tone of the album encompasses the abrasive and sarcastic as well as the upbeat and closes with a surprisingly delicate instrumental. The EP was recorded by the band using a necessarily DIY setup, and like More, manages to capture the loudness and energy of Double Dagger’s explosive live performances.

Please check Double Dagger’s video for “Vivre Sans Temps Mort” below:

And here’s some very cool footage from the band’s performance at Wharpscape, 2009:


Formed in late 2008, Guilty Optics are a three-piece consisting of members of Jogging, Grey Mayhem, Koalacord etc. Influenced by bands like Hot Snakes, The Jesus Lizard, Polvo and Dinosaur Jr they first brought their unique style of rock n roll to the public ear in June 2009. With infectious melodies woven amongst hardcore discordant driving riffs, Guilty Optics are a tuneful juggernaut that will have ears smiling.


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Nov 7, 2000
Albert in Plug'd Records in Cork recommended these guys to me last year.
Love them since, I can't wait for this.


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Nov 7, 2000
get the new EP Ro? i think there's some vinyl copies in Road. great artwork

yeah, i bought it a few months ago, what's the deal, every cover is a different mask?
I got Richard Nixon anyways.

very excited to see em.

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