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Apr 18, 2006
Post of the week winner: 22nd March, 2013
Widnes Vikings' Papua New Guinea signing Kato Ottio dies, 23

what's up with these very young and very fit lads dying suddenly on the field? it seems to happen a couple of times a year. is it something to do with doping?
could be, but not necessarily. A lot of the poor fuckers who just drop dead while competing have that SADS. It's some kind of heart defect that is exacerbated by exercise. It's lessened cos lads were encouraged to go get checked out after some high-profile deaths a few years ago.

The ones dying of doping related stuff are more likely to be ones with organ failure (Jona Lomu, etc).

But, really, who knows. If a lad is loading up on EPO his blood thickens and the heart struggles.


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