Distro update august 2006: Koro, Minderaser, Poison Idea and more (1 Viewer)


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Sep 10, 2005
Hi there,
Here's the update for this week. If you want to order records, send
me an email and please mention where you live so i can tell you what
amount of postage to charge you. For last month's update or a full list please email me back or search my previous posts.

thijs_bar_en_boos @hotmail.com

Soon we get:
Bayonettes - Stuck In A Rut 7"
Dangerloves - demotape
Fucked Up - Dangerous Fumes 7"
Vicious Cycle 7"
You can order this already with the stuff in this update but your order will not ship untill all is in stock.

Here's the list, read descriptions below:


Conversions - Conversions 7" (Namennayo Records)
Crime Desire - Id Music To Combat The Superego LP (Life's A Rape Records)
Darvocets - Authentic Music From Another Planet 12" (Painkiller Records)
Harpoon Guns - Harpoon Guns 12" EP (Square Wave Records)
Homostupids - The Glow 7" EP (self released)
Jacks - Concrete Death 7" (RLD Records)
Koro - 700 Club EP (Sorry State Records)
Mind Eraser - Glacial Reign LP (Painkiller Records)
Nightmare - Refugee Of Logical Society 7" (Plague Bearer Records)
No hope For The Kids - Angels Of Destruction 7" (Backwards Masking Records)
Poison Idea - Latest Will And Statement LP (Farewell Records)
Rabies - Disease Core 7" (Smokin Barrel Records)
Restless Youth - Light Up Ahead CD (Complete Control Records)
Skeleton - What Will you do? 7" EP (Cries Of Pain Records)
Tragedy - Nerve Damage LP (Tragedy Records)
Under Pressure - Under Pressure 12" EP (Primitive Air-Raid Records)
Waco Fuck - Slow Decay 7" EP (Life's A Rape Records)
Death Token / Kyklooppein Sukupuutto split 7" (Hate Records)

Mailorder Update:

Conversions - Conversions 7"
Namennayo Records 4.00 euro

"Boston, MA stop-and-start hardcore punk. Like Gang of Four at the speed of Deep Wound with a touch of Husker Du and Nausea. Or like Walls of Jericho meets Capitalist Casualties meets the Minutemen. 300 pressed."

Crime Desire - Id Music To Combat The Superego LP
Life's A Rape Records 11.00 euro

"The 10 song full length LP comes in a thick "tip-on"/ "Japanese HC"/ "60's" style (whichever you like to call it) jacket with a screen printed OBI strip and inner lyric sleeve on 140g vinyl mastered by Alan Douches. What's the music like? Influences come from groups like Burn, Gauze, Chain of Strength, GISM, Randy Holden, Integrity, Rorschach, MDC, Samhain, Siege, Whitehouse, and tons of others. It doesn't mean you'll necessarily hear those bands' riffs when you play the record, but that's the kind of stuff you'll find in Crime Desire's record collections."

Darvocets - Authentic Music From Another Planet 12"
Painkiller Records 11.00 euro

"Having been around about 10 years now with one 7" release, it's about fucking time these Cleveland lunatics released something else. Alien abductions, conspiracy theories, and the missing link between humans and extraterrestrials (dolphins) are all revealed here. Unfortunately this is already out of print but I just got a stack of them in last week. Unique and indescribable ... the record comes on crop circle patterned green vinyl."

Harpoon Guns - Harpoon Guns 12" EP
Square Wave Records 10.00 euro

"With their debut 12”, The Harpoon Guns deliver twelve paint-by-numbers blasts of speedy SoCal hardcore. I imagine these boys spend their free time listening to the Circle Jerks, Negative Approach, and old Dischord releases, but unlike those forefathers of the genre, this album is without strong and memorable songs, focusing more on blurred energy than catchy hooks. The ‘Guns did write a decent “genre album” that should be popular among fans of the modern “old school” style, but few, if any, of these songs will stand out to more discriminating listeners. Unlike the band’s earlier 7" EP, which had an endearing lofi recording that worked to the benefit of the songs, this record fails to bring anything to the table to distinguish itself from countless others recorded by like-minded groups across the world.(DH)"

Homostupids - The Glow 7" EP
Homostupids Records 4.00 euro

"Steve from Nine Shocks Terror and other Clevo degenerates rock out some retarded and neanderthal punk. Noisy and raw punk at a third grade reading level."

Jacks - Concrete Death 7"
RLD Records 4.00 euro

"Hailing from the Jersey Shore, The Jacks play aggressive, no-nonsense punk rock that flat-out kicks you in the ass. Nothing fancy, no bullshit image to sell - just tough, rockin' punk with real guts..
Recommended for those who like it from labels like Dangerhouse and Poshboy, to the modern-day TKO/Radio Records junkies. In other words, if you like your punk rock raw and real, this is the band for you."

Koro - 700 Club EP
Sorry State Records 4.00 euro

It's finally out! Koro's 700 Club may well be the single best hardcore EP of all time; if you ask me only Negative Approach's self-titled EP and Minor Threat's first two 7"s come close. More than likely you've heard the bootlegs, but if you've haven't, imagine the tightest, meanest and fastest band on the planet bashing out eight lightning-quick, sub-60-second rippers. Band comparisons don't do this record justice, so I won't list any. This reissue features a brand new mastering job from the original source tapes (the record may well sound better than the original) and artwork meticulously recreated from the original release, making it far superior to any of the bootlegs that have floated around. The first pressing features a heavy, card-stock cover and a LP-style printed inner sleeve which will not be replicated for future pressings."

Mind Eraser - Glacial Reign LP
Painkiller Records 10.00 euro

"Boston's Mind Eraser have returned with another twelve blazing tracks of hardcore/powerviolence mayhem. "Glacial Reign" is a barrage of guitars, bass, drums and words, perfectly combining Crossed Out, Terrorizer and Integrity, with Rudimentary Peni-esque cover art."

Nightmare - Refugee Of Logical Society 7"
Plague Bearer Records 4.00 euro

"Great new 4 track Ep from the Japanese masters. This is really great. 40 + year old dudes that totally destroy still. Also check out the vinyl version from their latest full-lenght."

No hope For The Kids - Angels Of Destruction 7"
Backwards Masking Records 5.00 euro

"Great new 2 track record from this Danish band. Don't have to explain more. READ: 1 copy per person due to limited stock."

Poison Idea - Latest Will And Statement LP
Farewell Records 10.00 euro

"A must have for any true POISON IDEA fan. Obviously, they didn't go rewriting PICK YOUR KING or FEEL THE DARKNESS, but this newest LP is 10 tracks of the same Poison Idea you have grown to love. Recorded in 2005, this is the final Poison Idea release that will feature Pig Champion (Tom Roberts) on guitar. Pig Champion died in Janaury of 2006 shortly after the band finished recording this LP/CD. "Latest Will And Testament" is ten tracks of rip-snortin' punk rock as only Poison Idea can deliver it!"

Rabies - Disease Core 7"
Smokin Barrel Records 4.00 euro

"Snotty, Loud, Awesome Skate punk/hardcore NARDCORE style meets BLACK FLAG or CIRCLE JERKS, played by young kids from CA. Highly recommended."

Restless Youth - Light Up Ahead CD
Complete Control Records 10.00 euro

"First full-lenght from this Dutch HC band. More rock influenced then their 7" but still great.
Lp version in stock soon."

Skeleton - What Will you do? 7" EP
Cries Of Pain Records 4.00 euro

"For all fans of scandi-crust and special of Antic Cimex, check Skeleton! fucking hell.... They will do a new record on German label Yellow Dog soon. Have members of the great Under Pressue!"

Tragedy - Nerve Damage LP
Tragedy Records 13.00 euro

"third and final full-lenght from this Portland hardcore band. Mixing parts Japanese and Norwegian HC, adding alot of melody and a pulverizing production this record absolutely slays. Comes in a gatefold jacket and silver foil stamping. Sorry for the price but this record is expensive and weighs around 400 grams."

Under Pressure - Under Pressure 12" EP
Primitive Air-Raid Records 10.00 euro
"Great new 12" from this Canadian band. Often described as a mix between Gauze, Bastard and Poison Idea. I don't really like their LP on Sound Pollution that much, but this 12" is really great. You definately hear the Poison idea influences on this record too. Recommended."

Waco Fuck - Slow Decay 7" EP
Life's A Rape Records 5.00 euro
"Super limited 7" from this South California band. Fast HC, not unlike Infest, Siege.
One of my favorites from this month. Can't wait for some more records from them."

Death Token / Kyklooppein Sukupuutto split 7"
Hate Records 4.00 euro
"7 tracks of manic, pissed off hardcore punk on this slab of wax. Songs about urban alienation, frustration and fuckhead scenesters. Get it now or cry later."


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Sep 10, 2005
It's one thread, the other thread is of july. And i couldn't edit the topic title from July in August.


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