Dhalgren Sound Presents: Paper Dollhouse, Sculptress, BB84 (1 Viewer)

Dhalgren Sound Presents: Paper Dollhouse, Sculptress, BB84
Posted by pete
Bello Bar
Saturday, August 11, 2018 - 08:00 PM
Until: Saturday, August 11, 2018 - 11:00 PM
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Dhalgren Sound Presents
Paper Dollhouse

Bello Bar
Saturday 11th August

Purveyors of holographic electronic folk soundscapes, Paper Dollhouse is the duo of Astrud Steehouder and Nina Bosnic. Fusing a sound of spidery post-punk electronica with a radioactive ambient pop sensibility and elegance. Having recorded two albums for Jane Weaver’s Finders Keepers sublabel Bird and the Glasgow based imprint Night School, 2018 sees the duo releasing the most concise and realized vision of their ethereal, neon-lit pop sound yet with new album The Sky Looks Diferent Here, released on the group’s MoonDome imprint. Recorded between North London’s New River Studios and Nina’s home studio in Sufolk, The Sky Looks Diferent Here feature the production talents of Asher Levitas (fresh from a solo album for Planet Mu).

Mixing the sort of left-feld pop sound of Yves Tumor with the sort of darkwave infuence that hangs over groups such as Tropic Of Cancer and DVA Damas (who’s drummer Joe Cocherell the duo were remixed by in 2014). Recent years have seen the group releasing a number of more electronic, techno-leaning EPs with ‘Plutonic Rainbows’ and ‘Empty- Rave’, as well as recording an in uences DJ mix for highly acclaimed online journal Secret Thirteen.

Having toured across Europe in recent years, they have shared bills with artists including PYE Corner Audio, Sculpture, Daniel O’Sullivan, Old Apparatus, Uniform, Grumbling Fur, The Doubtful Guest and much more. The group’s new live setup consists of Astrud on vocals, sampler and FX and Asher on a sequencer, synthesizer, and FX performing tracks from the new album.


Sculptress weaves together a feminine arc of electronic music, with a focus on female producers, composers, vocalists and remixers from the past and present. An intricate narrative that shifts between various styles, from meditative synth drones, cinematic and classical atmospheres, to futuristic grime productions, immersive techno and cathartic rhythms. Sculptress is Sinéad Meaney; a multimedia artist, composer and DJ whose work combines audiovisual installation, electronic music and performance.

Electronic heaviness from Paddy Shine (Gnod) and Moose (Wild Rocket, Moose Electronics)

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