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Cut The Reins have decided to end as band. We are finishing this band on the best of terms with each other. There's always been a difference between band mates in where we wanted this band to go, most members couldn't tour for either college or personal reasons while others members wanted to tour as much as possible, this made it impossible for anyone to look forward, book shows or stay as interested. We could have replaced members and went on but We don't think it would have felt right as CTR was always about the 5 of us playing and writing music together.

Instead of just playing shows around Ireland and not giving the band what it deserves we decided to leave it were it is where it is, a great Irish DIY HC Punk band even if it breaks our hearts.

We're playing Belfast this Saturday and more likely then not a 7'' release show in Galway which will be our last, thats tbc as of know. Were leaving this band as best friends and brothers and had a blast over the last year and a half. thank you to everyone who supported us over the time we were together. Cut The Reins


This has to be the worst post of the year :(

I'll miss CTR, yous were great. I'll definitely be in Galway for the last one!


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Shite buzz :( Great band. New stuff sounded awesome last time down in the tap.

Yiz'll be sorely missed, lads!


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Shit one of my favourite Irish bands. I just bought the CD last week, which is rocking by the way. Seems like a shame, I saw you 3 or 4 times and enjoyed them all.


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As said elsewhere, this is already the worse news of 2010. Hopefully will manage to make it to the last gig in Galway.

Tony Ramone

Shit lads, that sucks! Hope we see ye again in a new form real soon - I'm sure the desire for music won't let you leave it too long :)
Actually, we're coming up to Galway next month - must get some merch off ye then. Actually, I'll probably have a list of stuff I want to get off various people up there....


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Thanks so much for the awesome and kind words buds. Means the world sincerely, Shane and I have already started our new band which is in the vein of Latterman. Passionate and Melodic Punk with full intentions of touring as much out of the country as possible and lots of big plans.

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