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Crucial Attack Distro Update November.


Hi Everybody!

To celebrate the fact that we have a new Crucial Attack Distro webstore, we have had a huge Megasale last month! We would like to thank all the people who ordered something! Highly appreciated!

We also fine tuned the web pages and added even more titles to our store. There are also some new features in our new store. Now you can browse by band and label and also the search function is upgraded. Besides that you can create a wishlist of items you like to have in the future.

Major improvement in comparison to the old store is that we added a music player to a lot of titles we have in stock. From now on you can listen to a preview song of more and more records before you buy em! That’s cool if you don’t know the band yet and are curious to what it sounds like!

And for all customers outside the European Union! All prices on our site include 19% VAT, but you not longer need to pay VAT, which will be calculated during checkout.

Okay for now please checkout the releases we have in stock from labels found all over the world. To name a few labels we carry in our store; Alerta Antifasista Rec, Asian Man Rec, BYO Rec, Bridge 9 Rec, Chunksaah Rec, Demons Run Amok Rec, Deranged Rec, Deathwish Rec, Epitaph Rec, Fatwreck Rec, Frontier Rec, Matador Rec, Powered Rec, No Idea Rec, No Way Rec, React Records, Reflection Rec, Revelation Rec, Reaper Rec and a lot more!

The label webpage is down right now but as we speak we’re working on a better and more improved label page for the bands we have released on Crucial Attack Records.

We have new Bratpack shirts! They are available in our webstore for only 10 euro. Besides the new Bratpack shirts we also have other Crucial Attack Records bandshirts from Gewapend Beton, Tenement Kids, Citizens Patrol and Cornered.


New full length records available in the Crucial Attack Records Webstore;

Snazzy Boys - Self Titled – LP Pure Punk Records – 10 Euro
The debut full-lenght from ’s number one spastics the Snazzy Boys is a convulsive masterpiece that blends the classic early sound of The Boys, The Adverts, The Undertones, The Buzzcocks, etc... with the modern take on that sound ala Briefs, Hatepinks, Shocks, etc... This is a fucking killer album, if you’ve heard their two previous 7”s you know to expect that this will blow you away... This is killer! Comes in white vinyl limited to #300 copies.

The Accelerators - Self Titled – LP/CD - Stardumb Records – 10 Euro
Punk rock boys and girls behold, the Accelerators' self titled debut album! These Rotterdudes have teamed up with the friendly folks at Stardumb and Squinty Joe Records to let that Rotterdam Punk Rock City #1 sound reign once more. Here's 12 tracks of pure scorching and blistering sonic pop punk rock bliss on both 12' vinyl and CD. The Accelerators blast out their songs and Kepi (Groovie Ghoulies) and Dan Vapid (Screeching Weasel, Methadones) sing along!

Bouncing Souls - The Gold Record – LP - Chunksaah Records - 11.49 Euro
The Bouncing Souls have been kicking their singular brand of punk anthems for upwards of fifteen years, their live shows becoming the stuff of legend as they’ve shared the stage with everyone from Against Me to Alkaline Trio to The Casualties. So to find that after so long on the road and six studio albums to their credit, Bouncing Souls have made the record of their career, is a welcome surprise. Producer Ted Hutt (Flogging Molly) has brought out the huge, anthemic side of the band’s songwriting, a committed storytelling as much in the tradition of the Who, Springsteen and Petty as the Clash. Their songs tell the stories of loves won and lost, friends here and gone, homes squatted and deserted; as The Gold Record unfolds, song after song builds into a punk classic, leaving no doubt that no other current, continual band has had such a lasting impact on the punk landscape.

Cobra Skulls - American Rubicon - LP - Red Scare Industries - 11.90 Euro
Bilingual punks Cobra Skulls take to the streets with another dose of non-stop melodic punk that steals elements of The Clash, Against Me! and even a little Screeching Weasel to put the finishing touches on 17 tracks of leather jacket-toting punk rock.

Doomriders - Black Thunder - LP - Magic Bullet Recording Company - 12.90 Euro
Boston's DOOMRIDERS are sonically antisocial and undeniably unforgettable as they come. DOOMRIDERS are comprised of a stellar lineup featuring Nate Newton (Converge, Old Man Gloom), along with longtime friends Jebb Riley (There Were Wires, Disappearer), Chris Pupecki (Cast Iron Hike), and Chris Bevalaqua (Hallraker). Their soulful no frills approach conjures the spirits of Thin Lizzy, Entombed, and damn near every evil in between.

Fubar / Splitter - Split – LP - Fast And Furious Records – 9.90 Euro
Now On Vinyl available Splitter with swedish grindcore at it's finest. Eight new rounds of groovy chaotic tragedy grind for your pleasure. Plus FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition! 12 new fast and furious grind core songs with a crusty touch!

Hooghwater - Echos – LP - Quadrofoon Records – 11.90 Euro
When Hooghwater self-released their five song debut EP in early 2008, it created a slight sensation among critics about the bands remarkable and versatile sound. "Clearly indebted to the seventies, yet delightfully authentic", wrote Dutch leading music magazine OOR.
"Exciting, inventive and rhythmically particularly interesting", said Dutch hardrock authority
Aardschok Magazine. But while gaining much acclaim with their first effort, the group itself understood that they had onlu just hunted at their full potential. In a music climate that often lacks depth, Hooghwater dig beneath the surface, absorbing influences ranging from the
psychedelic era of rock and jass to the heyday of punk with groups such as The Wipers. The five tracks on their EP were only partly evidence of that. With bassist Dave van Beek added to the groups line-up, Joseph Meurs (guitar/vocals), Chris Blankers(guitar) and Ries Doms (drums) spent the past years refining and reshaping their music. This has now resulted in the bands first full length album, on which Hooghwater shows a significant progression while retaining their distinctive sound and imminent vibe. Thunderous drums are still there, as well as some monstrous riffs, bun on "their new album" the band displays a new found confidence and wit, musical ingeniousness, and not in the least, the ability to write a good song. With their first full length album, Hooghwater now are bringing their unique blend of post-psychedelic rock to stages all over Europe. Written by; Erik van Hest (Freelance) Music Journalist.

Isis - The Red Sea – LP - Second Nature Recordings – 11.90 Euro
Boston's doom-metallic sludge-shifters return with a frightening new burst of Sabbathian power combined with samples, distortion and ferocious vocals. Thick, moody and dripping in evil. Includes their 1998 demo as a bonus. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Mouthpiece - Can't Kill What's Inside – LP - Revelation Records - 11.00 Euro
While many of the early eighties pioneers of hardcore had moved along, the scene went through something of a renaissance with a new crop of energetic kids who had seized the power of the music and melded it into something that was relevant to the style of their times. Fast forward to 2008 and the inspiration for Mouthpiece's formation comes full circle with the release of 'Can't Kill What's Inside: The Complete Discography' on Revelation Records. The CD contains three additional previously unreleased live tracks not available on the vinyl version and an enhanced portion which includes a 13 song live set recorded live at CBGBs as well as a video for the song 'Cinder.'

The Oblivians - Never Enough - 10” - Sympathy For The Record Industry – 11.90 Euro
The Oblivians have gotten back together and will be touring the States and Europe in 2009! Features Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound, Compulsive Gamblers and '68 Comeback. Finally back in print! Yet another quality release from Sympathy For The Record Industry. The Oblivians were an American rock & roll trio from 1993 to 1998. In the 1990s, their blues-infused brand of unpolished, bravado, crudely-recorded punk rock made them one of the most popular and prominent bands within the underground garage punk scene.

Reigning Sound Break Up, Break Down – LP - Sympathy For The Record Industry – 11.90 Euro
Limited re-issue of their debut LP. Jangling like folk rock while it ebbs into the shadows and reminisces of unwavering love. The tone of this album is like no other of the 90s. Main composer is Greg Cartwright ofTHE OBLIVIANS & COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS and indeed this new record reveals a previously unherad aspect of his songwriting. Harmony vocals provided by bass player Jeremy Scott.


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Red Handed - Brainchild – LP - Twelve Gauge Records – 10 Euro
This is Red Handed's second LP, 'Brainchild.' With 14 tracks of raw hardcore punk, the band has finally found a sound all their own. For fans of Black Flag, The Nerve Agents and Shark Attack. LP comes with a digital download.

Sack-o'-Woes - The Paranoids Are Coming – LP – 9 Euro
I’ve always had a hard time with so called garage punk. Just too damn generic most of the time. New Bomb Turks? Please! Sack O woes on the other hand whom I guess could be put into that narrow gengre? Or maybe not. They’re too good for that! Let’s just call it Punk Rock. Niels and Joost from SOW played in Gepopel. And just as Gepopel had IT when it came to Hardcore Sack O Woes has IT when it comes to playing engaging, frantic punk with careful attention to arrangement details. I swear that people will be looking for Sacks releases in 10 years time! Get This! Megazotte shit!

Some of the new EP’s we have in stock or as re-stock;

American Nightmare - Four Song Demo – EP- 4,50
This is the original demo recording from American Nightmare and features 4 tracks which originally appeared on a cassette tape before being released on Malfunction. Give Up The Ghost began their influential life as 'American Nightmare' in 1999. The band were forced to change their name due to copyright issues in 2003. They were arguably one of the most important hardcore bands ever.

Backtrack - The '08 Demo – EP – 4.25 Euro
Pressed for the first time on vinyl, the demo from Long Island, NY's Backtrack is the first glimpse at a band heavily influenced by New York hardcore bands of the late '80s and early '90s like Outburst, Killing Time and Breakdown.

Bracewar - Whatever It Takes – EP - TWGG Records – 5.50 Euro
Richmond, VA's Bracewar are back with four more songs of fast and tough hardcore with slowed down mosh galore, but keeping with the power and intensity of their early records.

Career Suicide - Signals – EP - Even Worse Records – 4 Euro
Four more songs from this snotty hardcore punk band hailing out of Canada. Hands down Career Suicide is one of the best bands to come from Canada. . .ever! This is the European pressing coming on a heavy picture disc EP.

Cornered - Demo – EP - Crucial Attack Records – 4 Euro
Cornered plays groovy NY style hardcore. Think of bands like breakdown, warzone etc. They have a split 7" with COLD SNAP out soon on Worship records.

Death Threat - Lost At Sea – EP - Reaper Records - 5.00 Euro
Death Threat is known for their classic hardcore punk chants, riffs and breakdowns. 2009 brings great things to fans as the group is set to release its newest offering, 'Lost At Sea.' The recording is a four-song kick to the eardrum, a return to form that helped knock a genre on its ass.

Gone But Not Forgotten - Seattle Crew - EP - React Records - 4.50 Euro
Gone But Not Forgotten got together in the fall of ‘08 for the single purpose of creating quality hardcore jams. Two dudes, Paul and Face, discussed doing a band that sounded like what you imagined hardcore to sound like when you closed your eyes. After years of shooting around ideas, they decided on trying to get the biggest dude they knew to sing, which would be Jamie. Following that, they recruited the best guitar player they knew and immediatly forced him to play bass, which would be Kyle. Old friend Garrett filled out the line-up hitting the skins. After a few practices, the crew headed to Clearlake, WA and recorded the SEATTLE CREW demo.

Have Heart - 2003 – EP - Bottled Up Records - 4.00 Euro
Their instant classic demo pressed on seven inches of wax! Driven by honesty and a sincerity that has been lacking in recent times, Have Heart's powerful, sincere message, shows that these guys will 'have heart' throughout their time together, because nothing truly works without heart. For fans of Turning Point, Swiz and Youth Of Today.

Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender – EP - Revelation Records - 4.50 Euro
Classic Southern California hardcore comprised of Zack De La Rocha of Hardstance and Rage Against The Machine fame and Vic Dicara from Beyond. A stirring combination of intense AND intelligent lryical subject matter atop intricate riffing. The MCD contains two extra tracks.

The Ladies - Self Titled – EP - Grave Mistake Records - 4.00 Euro
The debut EP from Richmond, VA's The Ladies. Originally released in 2008 on Riff Raff Records, Grave Mistake has been given the honor to handle the repress to coincide with their two new venomous singles on No Way and Cowabunga. Raw and obnoxious, yet catchy as well, reminiscent of early Dwarves, with a couple of short and fast rippers thrown in to keep the crowd moving and the beer flying. Five obscene and insulting punk anthems guaranteed to hurt someone's feelings.

Middle Class - Out Of Vogue – EP - Frontier Records - Colored Vinyl - 4.99 Euro
Debate continues to this day as to whether or not The Middle Class were the first hardcore band, but even if they weren't, their 'Out of Vogue' EP is universally hailed as one of the most influential recordings of the original '70s punk era. The Middle Class's sound evolved out of a blistering, shouted, arty version of punk, one that had an enormous influence on the hardcore sound that would emerge in the years following their first release, the 1978 'Out Of Vogue' 7'. This record features the title track along with three other songs.

No Bullshit vol.4 - Compilation – EP - No Way Records 4.25 Euro
Brand new installment in our No Bullshit series. This time we have Citizens Patrol, Anti You, Born Bad, Civic Progress, Logic Problem, Voilent Arrest and Insomnio. All great tracks in the usual no bullshit tradition.

Total Abuse - Sex Pig – EP - Deranged Records - 5.00 Euro
The first vinyl offering by ex- Snobs will not disappoint. Their demo made some waves and these new tracks step it up a notch – just as raw and fast but way more controlled. Basic primal HC with loads of speed and hooks that's been compared to a mix of DRI and early Boston HC like Deep Wound.

Take care and thanks for reading!

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