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Nov 14, 1999
I was in a shop earlier and saw one of the maddest ‘masks’ yet. the woman at the till was wearing something that looked like one of the face-shield things, except smaller, and instead of being propped against her brow, face-shield-style, it was instead propped up away from her face by a little strap thing on her chin. It’s difficult to describe, but imagine upside-down tiny face-shield just covering her mouth and nose, but not touching them. it was so bizarre. and, I can only assume, useless in any practical sense.

my current theory is that they're intended for people preparing or serving food (in a non-pandemic context) so that they don't cough/dribble all over whatever they're making.


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So it turned out someone lied to the Adelaide contact tracers because he was working cash in hand I think which made the outbreak seem much more infectious than it actually was (they thought the virus had been transmitted via a takeaway pizza when actually the guy had worked a few shifts at the pizzeria) and so the lockdown was unnecessary and now people are losing their shit and calling for lawsuits/deportation/punishment beatings etc.



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Apr 18, 2006
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I had to go to town for a thing earlier. On my way back I walked down Grafton Street, less busy than usual sure but still not far away from fuckin jammed. Oh also was on South William Street briefly and pretty much every doorway had a group of 3 or 4 people sitting on the steps drinking. Then coming back out of town there was plenty of traffic coming past me the whole way.
So basically the numbers aren't going down because far too many people are just doing whatever the fuck they feel like anyway so the virus keeps having people to spread it.
what's the jaysus point if everything is closed?


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May 19, 2002
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Well i'm doing exactly level 5. I meet the work crew because i'm at work. I meet the swimming person once a week outside, I meet the person i live with. They were horrified at how few people i was seeing.

For me, I meet the people I work with, but then there are other things I have to do through work - I collect post in the morning so meet the post men then, I have to make bank lodgement and the atm outside the bank is usually out of service so have to go into the bank, get any thing in shop needed for office, occasionally meet clients so all through work that is a good few people in a week.

Outside of that, my only other contact is doing my grocery shop on a Sunday morning when it is quiet..

The only time I have met a brother of mine since lockdown is if we meet when both going for a walk which hasn't happened in 2 months now.

Level 5 hasn't changed much for me as this is the same as before it.
I think because of work, I have too many contacts
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