"Coming Up For Air" - Bell, book & Candle, Galway - Culture Night - Friday Sept 23rd (1 Viewer)

rusted rail

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Jan 25, 2006
Bell, Book and Candle Book and Music Store in the West End of Galway will be celebrating Culture Day by saying a big ‘thank you’ to everybody who is, and has been, involved with us over the years by hosting a day long event showcasing some of the best established and up-and-coming artists, independent music labels, and musicians in Galway and beyond.

The day will be run in association with Wingnut Records, an independent music shop that is ran on enthusiasm within the store itself which now hosts approximately 500 releases of new Irish music on tape, CD and vinyl.

We will be releasing a CD with booklet (limited edition and only available on the day in the store). The CD will feature 15 different tracks covering the most diverse and talented artists on this isle and the booklet accompanying it in a very old music/fanzine style gives a chance for everyone involved in the project and those represented by us to get together, tell our story, share ideas and be unified in our vision of expression. The following are the people and bands featuring on the CD:
The Driftwood Manor, Strange Crow, Squarehead, Windings, Landlovers, Lamp, Lafaro, Strider, Brain Kelly, Them Martyrs, Austin D H Ivers, Rites, Jimmy Penguin, Christians Vs Lions and Bitwise Operator.

Some of the labels represented on the CD include Rusted Rail, O.O.A.L, Richter Collective, Popical Island and Randal Records.

Also on the day there will be a showing of paintings by artist Cecilia Danell and ceramic work from Sinead O’Toole of Forge Ceramic Studio, along with some visual art by Austin D.H.Ivers , plus the super 8 hero Julien Dorgere of Super8 Shots will also have a stall featuring super 8 cameras and equipment for those who may like to get interested in this medium.

The live performance aspect will be taking place in the early evening and feature live spoken word by emerging poet/writer Elaine Cosgrove and a performance by up-and-coming slam poet Lisa Keegan. There will also in the evening be vibrant live music by Strange Crow, The Driftwood Manor, Brain Kelly of so cow, Jimmy Penguin and Them Martyrs.

Being an underground book and music store in the West End of Galway our survival has depended on the diverse community that has come through our door to support us and that we are so grateful to be a part of. The store has become a hub for all that is great about the constantly evolving art and music scene in Galway, a crossover point for all the sub-cultures coexisting in this town. The local musicians, artists and writers are the life-blood of the store, they are what gives Galway colour. On Friday the 23rd of September we will be celebrating this and coming up for air. Come join us.


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