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My (cheapo cut-rate espresso) coffee machine broke recently, been using an Aeropress. Pretty good, and i'm sure I can get better at it, but i'm not gonna lie, it's a good coffee but it's missing that espresso hit and i'm going to get an actual, real-life espresso machine... some how. I think my grinder is good enough but we'll find out.
I saw an espresso machine in Aldi last night for 349
Lol, speaking of James Hoffman

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In a study of more than 200,000 participants followed for up to 30 years, those who drank three to five cups of coffee a day, with or without caffeine, were 15 per cent less likely to die early from all causes than were people who shunned coffee. Perhaps most dramatic was a 50 per cent reduction in the risk of suicide among both men and women who were moderate coffee drinkers, perhaps by boosting production of brain chemicals that have antidepressant effects

In my study of people who could afford coffee and people who could not I found that those who could afford coffee are more likely to be wealthy, perhaps due to the "brain chemicals" of coffee?
I have been using one of these Pavoni espresso machines


It has no pump and is easily repairable so it should last forever.

First of all was that €800? If so..well done.
Less than that... 600 or so. But then i've easily spent 200 quid on additional parts for it, not to mention that i needed to get a better grinder (which I was doing anyway but still).

Madness some might say, but I guess it's a hobby, like buying a new guitar or turntable or whatever. It's coming off the credit card over the next few months. I plan for it to outlast me.

Secondly ,is it great?
It's taken me about a month to get to grips with it but yes, now it is great. A lot of mucking about and "oh god, what have I done" over dreadful coffee. To get a good espresso machine that makes great espresso at the touch of a button costs thousands.
No hate ,it is indeed a great hobby and hobbies cost . And buying the good gear is where it at

I love espressos but they're too small..I like a long drink
I broke my french press that I've had for ten years because I bought a little coffee grinder and tapped it to get the coffee out on top of the glass like a big goon. Why is it so hard to get all of the coffee out?

Anyway, I'm a simple girl and need some new coffee contraption to prepare my imbibe juice. Any recommendations? Do I just get another french press for a tenner and say poypoy to the fancy coffee boys or go for something else?
If you liked coffee from your french press then why wouldn't you get another?

I suppose for a bit of variety you could get an Aeropress, they're easy to use and about the same price.
I had Vietnamese coffee in that Jolin's place on Clanbrassil St today. It's coffee and condensed milk - packs a nice sweet punch.

The clientele in there are like something out of a Samuel Beckett novel, and the woman from Vietnam who runs the place is bang on. Half reading a novel, trying to tune into this obscure conversation between a couple of old boys in the smoking area.

I'll be going back for sure.

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