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Apr 1, 2005

Well thanks Karen, Skkatter and others for filling me in on the Sonar
escapades. I ended up in Portugal in a villa and a hostel for a week,
and didn't make it over to barcelona in the end, due to the
prohibitive cost of iberian transit. In the end. it seems rather too
many things conspired against it, and although I lost the deposit on
our accommodation, just had to cut my losses and carry on. Missed the
gig in Zentraus unfortunately, but what can you do? Missing sonar
wasn't a big dillyo, but sure, what do you really ever miss anyway?
Always go through life on a positive note and you'll end up enjoying
(almost) every minute and getting the most from situations whether
you are at a gig, sitting at home, in a friend's house or in a
different country and so on. Works for me anyway.

On the gig front, i'm taking a break for the summer, after an
exhausting but enjoyable 2-3 month stint where I played almost every
weekend. Next confirmed gigs are for Undertracks on August 27th,
where i'll be doing a liveset, and supporting Miss Kittin in the TBMC
on Sep 10th, where i'll be playing a DJ set on vinyl suplemented by
cds. I haven't given up on the slabs of plastic just yet, and my
recent gig in D1 with laptop and vinyl reinvigorated my interest in

On Saturday I trekked around to the various record shops of dublin
and imagine my surprise when I found that the Chymera album -
Everybody dies, even horses, had virtually sold out of everywhere.
I'd like to sincerely thank anyone and everyone who's bought it so
far; I sincerely appreciate the support, and I hope you like it? I've
since fully restocked: Selectah, Spindizzy, Carbon, City Discs,
Freebird, Road, and later in the week, Tower. Included at the end of
this email are all the reviews of the album so far, the response has
been fantastic. If you haven't picked up the album yet, and are
interested, well now's the time. Alas all efforts to secure
international distribution for the album have proved fruitless, so I
will now persue the internet route, in an effort to get my music to a
wider audience.

Corrugated tunnel asked me to remix his track Highrise, which is
included on the Highrise EP released in July - a seedyR Invisible
agent joint release. I like the original, and tried to do a faithful
remix, but it didn't turn out too well, so intead I used nothing but
the samples he gave me, and mutated the track into something quite
different, autechre style. Check out

1. Ok, so i'm taking the summer off gigs, but it gives me time to
actually finish all the tracks that I've been playing out the last
few months, and write some new ones. The Chymera sound as is known by
the recorded output so far, is suitably different to the new emerging
tougher 'live' sound, as patrons of a chymera gig will testify. There
are several tracks which I am very proud of, and which I will shortly
be polishing up and sending around to various record labels -
something I haven't had a chance to do in a long time. Hopefully this
time, someone might take notice.

2. I'm working on a slightly different type of liveset, but I don't
know when I will debut this, and i'm not going to give any details
just yet. Useless info I know.

3. The Chymera name will be discontinued in the near future. This is
to dissassociate the evolving style from the recorded output to date.
Chymera has made electro, downtempo, listening music and deep broken
techno so far. I still plan to use the name for future music releases
of this sort, but the tougher style which is synonymous with my live
performances will be continued under a new moniker, which I will
announce in due course.


Much respect to all,

Ps. any comments on the album or anything at all, positive/negative,
sign my guestbook or email me - chymera @ gmail . com


chymera - "everybody dies... even horses" - iterate recordings

from the ticket, in the irish times, may 6th 2005:

--snip--CHYMERA Everybody Dies . . . Even Horses Iterate ****
Irish electronic music producer Brendan "Chymera" Gregory has become
a prolific name on the local scene via a rake of compilation credits
and live supports. But while many other rising Irish producers lack
the wherewithal and often confidence to take the next logical step
towards a full-length album, Gregory has no such qualms about his
abilities or ambitions. Everybody Dies . . . Even Horses is a
wonderfully pitched, supremely assured piece of work that nips and
tucks all manner of electronic shades and sounds into a highly
satisfying album. Gregory is at his best when he stirs his cauldron
of deep melodies, dark rhythms and intricate textures into unexpected
blends. It's clear from the brooding, statuesque Moment in Time and
the downtown Detroit shuffle of Chamber Zen that Gregory's future
designs will also be worth examining. Jim Carroll--

from hold it down magazine, may 2005:

--snip--Chymera Everybody dies . . Even Horses Iterate
Every once and a while someone appears out of nowhere and simply
knocks you off your feet. Brendan Gregory AKA Chymera has, like many
before him, blown me away with the quality and intensity of his debut
album. Apart from a couple of heads at D1, few in Ireland are coming
close to this quality and the emotional intensity of Chymera's debut.
It doesn't have it all but it has most things. A clever and broad use
of genre; standard 4/4 kicks, break beats and no beats; emotionally
charged melody and strings; tight production and sharp programming
that you would mistake for Orbital. No wonder he is upstaging Joey
Beltram. Desy Balmer--snip--

from hotpress, June 2005:

--snip--Chymera Everybody Dies, Even Horses
You've got to admire Cork producer Bren Gregoriy's initiative:
instead of trying to hawk his work to a label, he set up his own
imprint to release his debut album, with the result that his
individualistic take on electronic music gets an audience. Fusing
deep techno with breaks and electro, Bren adds some lo-fi rock
flavours on the nocturnal slow motion beats of 'Empire', the
grinding 'Chamber Zen' outdoes the electro house brigade with its raw
sex appeal, while the bubbling melodies of the title track recall
classic Orbital material. If the rest of the world tunes in, Chymera
could easily become Ireland's first electronic producer to hit the
big time. Eight/Ten.--snip--

And there was another good review in the current issue of Connected,
which I haven't got in front of me to type up... but check it out (if
you want)

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