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Someone told me today, quite insistently, "YOU (as in specifically me) *need* to take CBD every. single. day."

I've been a bit stressed I guess. and sunstruck, and some other thing that isn't Covid but I'm ill.

Anyway, I went to get some today from my usual company website. That failed, so then, thanks to this thread, I bought it from Holland and Barrett for less than half the price, incl. P&P.

I don't understand why this company sends me emails every day about their special offers when I can buy the same thing cheaper from H&B, either delivered or walk in. Buy one, get a second for a penny.

Actually found buying it off the producers website quite stressful, ironically.
Not exactly sure what I expect to get out of this. My knotty shoulder would probably be better getting a massage and any anxiety issues are probably better dealt with by engaging with my own brain. But a bargain's a bargain.
I bought it from Holland and Barrett for less than half the price, incl. P&P.

I assume I fucked up, but what I got from H&B was half the strength of what I thought I ordered. It's ok, still cheaper than ordering from the actual company website. At least I have some, I needed it this week.
I have since ordered some oil that was double my usual strength, instead of the H&B oil, which is half my usual oil strength. So I have just mistook my 300mg oil with my 1200mg oil. And took a double dose. I'm more annoyed about how expensive of an mistake that is. Basically I've taken 8 times what I would normally take. Let's see what happens.

Thank feck I'm not a heroin addict.

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