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Sep 14, 2006
fun few days with our cat - she's got a weird issue with her leg where there's obviously a weak, slow leak in a blood vessel in one of her back legs; and the blood was collecting in a pocket under the skin near her hock. she's already been to the vet about it a few times, and it had grown quite big recently (probably nearly the size of a table tennis ball in total) but we decided to wait as we're off on holidays in a week or two, but the cat boarding she goes to is in the vets. so we decided that when we dropped her off we'd ask them to take a look at it.

she decided to mess with that timetable. i came downstairs the other day just before leaving for work, and threw my head around the kitchen door. jesus, it was like the red wedding in there. the big lump of blood on her leg had been punctured, and she'd walked it all over the kitchen. she'd been up on the counter, on the dresser, on the windowsill, on the kitchen table. i had to clean blood off my laptop before i could use it. it took two hours of cleaning to get rid of all the blood.

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