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Nov 8, 2004
One of our two is obsessed with chillis at the moment. We're trying to dry some which were excess and she keeps stealing and hiding them. And chewing them occasionally.

I was obsessed with making increasingly spicy chili for a while, and eventually it hit the point that the other half wasn't having it and honestly it had gone past the point of pleasant buzz into no longer edible.

So there was a feral cat that we'd befriended, via food. I wasn't sure if cats could taste chillis or not, but I gave her a chance with this. Every night she'd bound over, thrilled with the food as usual, and then get stuck in.

Then there was sneezing. And staggering about. And blank stares. And then she'd return, and get stuck in, again.

At this point the cat was close to God. She'd kind of float around in the field by us... loop back, and feed herself up with more chili. And then stagger off again.

Genuinely didn't know if I was abusing animals or not. She was really into the chili.

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