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Sep 9, 2014
Liam Gallagher has assured his older brother, Noel, that his pet cat is safe. Phew.

‘Did you kidnap Noel’s cat?’ a fan tweeted. ‘Wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole,’ the singer responded. Well that settles that then. Like his brother, Liam is a devoted cat fan, and last year he gave a home to two unwanted felines, who were being looked after at The Animals Charity in London. The 46-year-old also revealed that he was ‘like a cat’ in the Oasis documentary film, Supersonic, which was released in 2016. ‘Cats are very independent creatures, they don’t give a f***,’ he said. ‘Right bastards. Dogs, it’s just Fing, play with me, play with me, please Fing throw that ball for me. I need some company. It’s as basic as that. Can’t change the way that you are. ‘I’m a cat, OK. That’s just what I am. I’ve accepted it. I’m a bit of a bastard.’

Read more: Liam Gallagher assures brother Noel that his cat is safe amid feud
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