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Hey there,
Dunno if many people know about this but there was an old (1200ish) castle found in Carrickmines a few years ago and there has been an excavation there until recently. The castle is mostly below ground coz it was leveled by the king of england (or so they say) in 1600. They found loads of cool stuff there, 17 dead bodies, all women, with axe marks in the backs of their heads, wells, mills, villages and moats.
The point is that the NRA (National Roads Authority) own the land and are planning to build a motorway right across it, yay. The excavation isnt nearly finished, the main castle hasnt been dug up and theres people squatting the farmhouse where the castle used to be. I stayed there the last two nights and its really cool, lots of mad people about, interesting characters. They need people around during the day too in case the pigs show up and if you dont want to stay its really worth going out just to take a look, they'll give you a tour if you ask. They want to start having kids and adults in for classes or whatever to learn about the history and about archeology. theres lots going on, building a fort around the shed and putting up shelters and digging toilets!bog and all.
so it's near cabinteely, not out in the bogland or anything, on the route of the no. 63 from fleet st., getting off at glenamuck road.
so go, hang out with the mad hippies/archeologists, they're fun and they need more people to get interested.
over and out


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Ah, for jaysus sake...go back to Russia you fucking hippies.

Nah, I'm only buzzin' off yer head bud...that sounds kinda it hard to get to the place from where you get off the bus?


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I'll hippy you! what? yeah...
Nah, you can see the banners and all from the road, the bus stop is 2 minutes away. Giz a ring if u wanna head out, new number 086 3097013


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them ancient ones sure knew how to treat there ladeez. bet they never complained about doing the washing up:"do u want an axe in the head!"
dam straight!!


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So we were thinkin of havin a bit of a 'get-together' there on friday i think if anyone wants to come along, we'll have a barbeque over the fire and sing hippy sing-a-long songs. Not not really but just see what happens, idunno, only just came up with the idea really. !bing
All the people in sellafield should b headin over on their way back. :)


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Thet was meant to go under the carrickmines thing, dunno what happened there, damn technology!bog


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i don't think i can make it guys .. sorry if i ruined your night by my coolness not being present .. Infact i've drifted of into total obscurity .. i kno nobody now .. my social life is like so totally bogus! ..

ha .. Happy Easter Eggs ..


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Re: friday

Originally posted by mazzyianne
So we were thinkin of havin a bit of a 'get-together' there on friday

taken from

1. The entire domain and surroundings of Carrickmines Castle is a strictly drug and alcohol free zone.

2. The site of the archaeological excavations is strictly out of bounds. Walking around these excavations can lead to serious damage of the work that has been carried out over the last 24 months.

3. Any litter brought to the site should be taken away.

4. Respect the local residents. Don't park vehicles that obstruct roads or driveways.

5. Keep noise to a minimum particularly late at night. The local residents have lived here all their lives and should not be disturbed by our presence.

6. This is a non-violent protest. Peaceful action is been used to occupy this site. If you cannot behave in an entirely peaceful and non-aggressive manner we ask you to stay away from this site.


Which begs the question why does everything have to turn into an excuse to drink these days ??

Life is Actually Fun if you'd give your brain half a chance to enjoy it without drugs (alcohol) - a few nights a week even ..


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Hate Edge!!

Get your straight-edge hate out of our scene, Weeler!

Actually, I'm beginning to think the same in the last few months aswell...I've cut down drinking a lot and I'm doing the same with the dope shiznit...I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with them, just that they tend to fuck my head up a bit, especially if I'm not feeling too good in the first place. And it's undeniable that they make you apathetic & lazy as fuck (smoke especially). That said, there's times when there's nothing I like more than to spark up a fat one & crack open a beerzo...but I'm getting a bit sick of using drugs like that habitually...not to mention wasting my money on that shit all the time...speaking of which, not much drink or smoke buying recently and I had enough money to send off for lots of good shit this morning -Skitslickers, Despise You, Discordance Axis, Anti-Cimex, Krigshot, Hellnation, Doom, Disclose & lots more all in the post to me -aww yeeah!


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oh yeah

prolly shoulda mentioned all that, no drink definately, smokins ok just b subtle. It's what u make it, i like it anyways. Sittin round a campfire looking up at where the attackers would have come chargin down from the wicklow hills an all, listenin to mad archeologists talkin shit. I know....hippy....ill go now...

the strange guy


Alright you south side cunts, are yis all mouth and no jaysus trousers? Hang up now, get your jacket and head out to carrickmines. You can pretend it's like glen of the downs, only different!
This is off the indymedia site

Carrickmines, Sunday/Monday night
by Eoin Dubsky Sat, Sep 28 2002, 10:22am
Can you stay over to defend Carrickmines
People at Carrickmines Castle have asked me to post a message here CALLING ON ANYONE WHO CAN STAY OVER SUNDAY - MONDAY NIGHT at the site. Please see related News Feature on the indymedia homepage for further details.


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Yeah really if anyone can come it would be a great help. They're coming to start clearing the land on Monday so there needs as many people as possible. I know it's late notice but even if people can make it out on Sunday/Monday day or night it could be a help. There's a few contact numbers up on indymedia and i will prolly be there if yis r lost so GET GOING!!!:D

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