Car Booty Tales Part 1 - Joy Division (1 Viewer)

jasper mckatt

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Feb 20, 2005
Got a couple of Punk related stories from when I'm doing car boot sales, selling books & vinyl. Some of you might find them interesting, in a Trivial Pursuits can of way?
I got a box of singles for sale, doing this boot outside a community centre on a Saturday morning. I sell a lot of kids books so this is a good one cos you get parents dropping their kids off at the Centre for their gymnast/hip hop/ballet classes or whatever it is they do, they have a look round the booty, collect their kids, buy some quality ('as good as Easons') reasonably priced ('a fraction of their price') (ha ha , great sales patter, eh?) reading material for their kids.
One bloke looking through the singles box, pulls out Buzzcocks Spiral scratch EP - ' This must be worth a few quid' he says, Mancunian accent.
I reply - ' Well it's not the original press, it's second press, but still it will cost you a few bob if your'e interested, I'm very reasonable,if you want a few, we'll do a good deal'
'I used to work with Joy Division' he says
Ok, so I know he's a Mancunian, maybe he did.
'Oh did you?
'yeah I did the sound for them,I remember I was with Peter & Bernard when we heard about Ian's death. We were in (some pub/club, can't remember what he said) we weren't really that surprised, he tried it before'
'Yeah, I read that in that book his wife wrote, what was it called? Touching from a distance or was it Closer?'
'I think the book was Touching from a Distance. The album's called Closer,not Closer'
'Oh is it? I always thought it was Closer (kloh-ser), as in Closer to the edge, didn't realise it was Closer (kloh-zer)'
'That's what they decided to call it after he killed himself as it was The Closer of the band'
'Oh that's interesting. Are you interested in that Buzzcocks single then, it would be 15 normally but I'll let you have it for 12'
'Nah, I haven't got a record player'

Next Car Boot Tale is one for all the skins, herberts & Oisters out there! From 1981 (When I get round to it)

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