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i'll take a look later - the user integration isn't 100% by a long shot. if you've more than 1 account with the same email address on the forum it can get very confused very easily.

i'm working on the authentication stuff now. hopefully i won't make things worse...
i'm running another usersync now. if that doesn't fix it, try changing the email address associated with your account & let me know when you've done that & i'll run it again, ok?
What does logging into the main site allow you to do? (too lazy to create an account). I see the new listing/new venue requires a login, wouldn't it be easier from a user view point to stick a captcha on this instead of making them create an account?
well THE IDEA is that the vBulletin & Joomla account details are synchronised*, allowing a wondrous, interactive user experience across the entire site.

* This may or may not actually be the case. And anyway captchas don't bleedin work.

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