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New developments in the Phillip Scofield case. His former co presenter Gordon the gopher has accused Scofield of putting his hand up his rectum in the 1990's.
In fairness to Hannah, she's a comedian doing a show

The article is using a punchy quote to encapsulate a changing modern view on ol' Pablo

I have no idea what Picasso got up to, but lads back then were up to all sorts.
You could barely call it misogyny as that's all there was back then. Being a prick to women, was the culture.

Gotta say, this is fucking embarrassing

they do say you cannot be in possession of your senses to win a VC*. looks like this guy was quite adept at not being in possession of his senses.

*the totality of my knowledge of the VC comes from watching a jeremy clarkson documentary about it. AMA.
Gotta say, this is fucking embarrassing

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That reminded me of something, I don't know shit about art, but when I was young I saw this big image of a painting and it moved me to tears. I didn't know who the artist was, I was too ignorant to recognize styles, I didn't know what the painting was about, but it was absolutely fucking heartbreaking to the extent I ended up in tears. Then I learned it was considered to be some great work from Picasso.

But, that thing which makes a painting great is unbelievably interesting. How a great painter can manage to find a great painting. And then how another person can come along, and get that gut punch and realise "oh shit, that's great". I guess it's similar to music.

Sorry... ramble there.
Gotta say, this is fucking embarrassing

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I don't know either but the man certainly drew allot of Minotaure !
Oh that's going to run for a while yet, depending on how much "media reporting about the media" stuff you get in your (hate this word) socials. The knives are out at ITV.

Short answer no with a but.
My wife asked me the same question.

"What's all this about?"
'He had an affair with some lad"
"So what"

I realise it's more complicated than that, but I wasn't prepared to get into it.
much more importantly the morning programme Schofield co-presented should be cancelled.
they interview many kinds of charlatans without any scrutiny.
makes Joe Duffy look like Noam Chomsky.

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