Bite The Hand That Feeds The Poisoned Food #3 / Cotton Fist #17 out now. (1 Viewer)


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Aug 22, 2002
Bite The Hand That Feeds The Poisoned Food #3 / Cotton Fist #17 out now.

Split zine, 68 pages A5, with an A3 split poster. Written mostly on the theme of sexual assault, rape and gender in the punk scene, with lots of pieces on the various issues involved. Interview with INEPSY (Canada), and with 4 women (from Ireland/Brazil/Canada/Australia) on their experiences of sexism within the punk scene in Ireland and also where they´re from. Pieces also on Halloween (Samhain) in Ireland, it´s pagan roots, and the chaos it brings to the streets, and another on the tyranny of living in cities. Lots of zine & record reviews, drawings, photos and various other small pieces.

Available in Dublin in Red Ink radical books & zine store, or from me (price includes postage):
30kr / €4 / $5. Get in touch if you´d like to trade or buy more than one copy.
Bite The Hand, c/o Cormy, PO Box 604, 2200 København N, Denmark. razethestray(a)
my copy of this makes no sense, one of the pages is all upside down and back to front, i tried taking the staple out and rearranging the pages but i can't seem to make them go in order. the interview with tamarack etc starts in one place, then jumps to eric's half, then back to the bth half, it's really confusing :(
Fuck...I don´t understand that...all the copies I put together are fine.

It´s in two halves...each side has a cover and is upside down to the other...and they meet in the middle. Maybe you got one that was somehow put together wrong...has anyone else got/read a copy and had the same difficulties...?

From my side it should go: Intro; piece w/ drawings on visiting Dublin at Christmas; INEPSY interview; interview with Clo, Tamarack, etc; Eric´s piece on "Patriarchy is far from dead"; zine reviews. I think that´s it anyway -I don´t have it on front of me. One or two of the first I printed had one page of the long interview mixed up, but I fixed it after...possible you got one of those? Is it just in one place or is it in a lot of places? FUCK.
ok.. your side goes..
visiting dublin
8 pages of the lady interview
then 1 page that seems to belong in the other side of the zine, though it kind of reads like you wrote it ??? could be wrong here. it's white on black and the last line is "if they think it's shitty"
when i take out this page and look at it as an a4 page it seems to have been photocopied wrong: there's no way that you can turn it that makes everything fit together. it's just that 1 a4 page though.

i think i've figured out where everything's meant to go, though. it's just a bit of a headwrecker at first.

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