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where the crow ate the man
Sep 3, 2004
where the crow ate the man
whats a reasonable price for a bike service? excluding parts or anything?

going to drop my yoke in - or figure out how to do it myself - depending on answers.

its a complete crock, but still going. just the gears are slipping a bit..
Respectfully, but I don't think those modern single ping bells are all that great. They look super sharp and all, but very limited in the variety of sound they can make.

I am very very hard in favour of the old style tring-tring types. You can go gentle or go hard as you like.
I have a few of these and it's all I'll use.
You don't necessarily need the dinosaur on there (you need the dinosaur on there)


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latest update: just got the repair quote: as suggested by many the bike was fucked.
(I was actually spinning round on the wifes bike there last night, which just brought home how fucked my bike was)

Given the general sense seems to be that these guys are good eggs, I'm happy to go with this. I got the bike for nothing afterall..

The service cost is crazy low. I wouldn't work for that money.
The cost of the bits and bobs seems a bit high, but I guess everything is more expensive than it used to be, I dunno. Back in my day you could get a chain for a tenner.

But hey this has been a fun and interesting thread thusfar. As long as you're happy with it. Personally I've not met a bike mechanic that has done me wrong, Either back home, in Dublin, or in London. I've gotten some withering looks, but bless their patience with people like me.
if i was being honest, it might be more than the bike is actually worth... but the problem is if you did buy a s/h bike for 100 or 200 quid, it might need a similar amount of work.

yeah - the thought did occur to me - buying a shit bike which needs 100 euro worth of work, versus repairing a shit bike that I got for nothing for 200 would amount to the same thing.

@seanc I'd say the low service cost might be reflective of padding on the parts prices.

all in - I'll have a working bike, which will be a better basis to learn about how to properly adjust and maintain shit
i'm just basing it on €15 for a cassette from decathlon, to be fair. and swapping a cassette is a five or ten minute job.
actually I take my comment back. A quick look on CRC and both a Sora and an Acera cassette are no more than 25 quid.

Maybe they're being cheeky and are gonna put a 105 on it, which tallies pricewise with CRC.

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