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Forgot all about Pulp and then the Gold Circle ones were all gone and i was sad to be getting loser tickets.

I mean it's grand, i saw them in 2011 and I was hammered right up the front singing along top of my lungs and they were better then than they were on next year's tour but I was sad all the same.

Cans beforehand though? Get a Motorcycle Emptiness sing-along going?
Bollocks, i was gonna wait a while to buy tickets, forgot about all that golden circle bullshit.
also "the exclusive pit" is MASSIVE these days. Like if you want to any closer than the sound deck you need gold circle. Pus, let's face it, who wants to be beyond the sound deck at one of these huge outdoor gigs.

By mid 2023 the gold circle will tale up 90% of the field.
😭 I hate this gig already.

Leisure is a vinyl album with two sides

Modern Life is Rubbish is a CD album with a continuous flow.

Parklife, The Great Escape, and Blur are all tape albums with two sides.

13 is a double vinyl album with 4 sides.

That's my input on blur today.
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Bobby G's rep, on twitter at least, has plummeted in the past 24 hours because of Martin Duffy's son's statement about how they treated his dad.

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