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Apr 18, 2006
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Seems like a relevant thread for this

this is hilarious. I've had a love/hate with him since his first solo album. Some of his solo output has been decent and I probably haven't missed a solo show in Dublin. But he's always been the worst kind of prick. I've told of these before but I've seen him attack a security guard and a soundman, seen him spitting at people in the audience, and generally goading people to 'come have a go'.

check this out

my mate was at that gig and blogged about it. That security guard's family contacted him and asked if he would testify against Brown if it went to court. He said it would, but it never happened.

But this latest stuff shows him up as the fraud he is. And I can't imagine he gives a shit about whats being said. He's sold his tickets, gets his dough, and will then go to ground for another while before the next part of the rinse and repeat cycle. A bit like Morrissey, he'll have people who'll always turn out to see him.

Before seeing the footage I saw one of the setlists and was thinking I'd go see him in Dublin, as there was some good stuff on there. But then the videos circulated.

I'm quietly hoping this ends the anti-vax scumbag.


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Aug 4, 2013
Sleaford mods - another ‘band I don’t get’
As an ageing man they give me hope. And they are funny. I don't know if I could take a whole set of sparse electronics and shouting though. And just like Fontaines DC, they're not from Sleaford.


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Aug 4, 2013
In fairness he's from the next town over and the Fontaines have probably never been to either town.
That bit of my post was in jest. I do think they're the real deal. If I was to make a playlist with them on it, Jinx Lennon would also be on that playlist. Fontaines, not so much, depends how the crowd's feeling.

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