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Apr 23, 2002
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A few months back, ahead of my brothers wedding, for the first time ever, I decided to put my beard in the hands of a professional. I'm not great at maintaining my beard, it's pretty "natural". I was mostly curious to see if there were techniques that I could use going forward. I went early in the morning to Sam's Barbers on Dame Lane. I had to wait for an appointment.

Seeing as this was my "pamper day" I treated myself to a sit down coffee and scone in the revamped Bewley's on Grafton St. Where I watched celebrity lawyer Gerald Kean have his full Irish. This cost a whopping €9! I can only imagine what Gerald's bill was. But he did get a free third coffee after a mix up with 2 of the waiters (good start to the day for Gerald!).

Sam's barbers is a top rate establishment, the service was excellent and the staff couldn't have been more helpful. That said, I didn't give them much to work with. My hair is short and my bread is long. While I got what I'd asked for, keep it natural, it was only slightly better than the hack job I give myself every couple of months. I did get a wash and blowdry which was an experience in itself. I've never had a man touch my beard in that way before and I did smell great when I left. But all in it was €25 for a haircut and €25 for a beard trim. Ouch. In their defence, plenty of people left that baber's with top class haircuts, fit to impress.

At the wedding I was accused of not making an effort, I'd spent €50 to look this bad. But then again I look like that everyday. I won't be return to Sam's or any other Barber's ever. Clippers for life!

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