Ballroom #100: The End - Electric Eel Shock, Legion of Two and more (1 Viewer)


M&S Wine Gums FTW
Jun 6, 2001
had to leave lasts nights gig before legion of two as i was starting to think about whiskeys, and i have a day of DIY planned today which, with the head on me this morning, is shaping up to be the anti-craic.

dude from jackbeasts new band were a really nice surprise. lovely melodies. dude from pet lambs new band were fantastic as always. scarily good songwriting. the dude from daughters of the swans new band were great fun. and like i said, missed the dude from in motions new band as i had to leave.

bye bye ballroom and thanks for ruining me again. allen, you are a legend and a total gent.


Uncle Alo
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Mar 29, 2001
Two savage nights, cheers to all the acts. Lo2's new stuff is mind blowing, can't wait for the next album!

Thanks to everyone who worked at, played and came down this weekend and, indeed, over the last 8 years. It has been quite a time, I met loads of cool people and saw loads of amazing acts.

Special thanks to Pete for running thumped, I say with certainty that the Ballroom wouldn't have happened without it, fair play and keep up the good work.

Anyways Fred is doing hi quality A2 prints of the original posters to order if anyone wants one (

Naomi Neu

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Jul 14, 2010
Dublin 7
Fair play Al, thanks for everything, that was one of the best weekends I've had in ages. I'll be in touch to get one of those posters! Such a good-natured buzz in the Lower Deck, all the bands were tops, I had the pleasure of hearing some like Electric Eel Shock and The Dinah Brand who I'd never caught live before...really brings the point home that the music here is amongst the finest in the world. Enjoy some relaxo time now but don't stay away too long!


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Jul 26, 2000
New Lo2 stuff is fantastic and I was feeling all the other top acts on the variety bill yes also!

Not literally!

A quality lineup and a friendly atmosphere - when's the next one? About time Dublin had something like this...

PS: good luck and thank you Allen and all who sail in you

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