[Aug 15, 2015] Reverberation Psych Day 2 w/ Dead Rabbits (UK) + Cian Nugent & The... (Dublin) (1 Viewer)


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Jun 3, 2006
L.S.G Promotions & The Grand Social (in assoc with Heineken Music) proudly presents
Reverberation Day 2: Dead Rabbits + Cian Nugent & The Cosmos + Documenta + TWINKRANES + Autumns + Magic Pockets & Guest DJs
Doors: 8pm.
Advance Tickets available from https://www.tickets.ie/artist.aspx/reverberation/115189 Price at €12.


Dead Rabbits (UK) lead the way through atmospheric shoe gaze formed on the foundations of Velvet Underground, Jesus and Mary Chain and The Doors. Although driven by demons on the darker side of things, Dead Rabbits have got soul cascading the underbelly of their pungent grooves and you can’t help but think that Jason Pierce has had his part to play in resurrecting this gloomy noir-pop. http://www.fuzzclubmusic.com/deadrabbits/

To put it simply, it's a bit of a masterpiece and one that is going to be regarded as the high point of this whole new psych movement. Simply brilliant – (Review of Time Is Only Your Enemy) Echoes & Dust

Dead Rabbits prove to me that we simply have a great musical legacy. They have songs that other musicians would kill for, a live stage performance that other bands would die for and they have music they live for. (Time Out Live Review)

Cian Nugent & The Cosmos (Dub) are the full electric band that has developed from Cian Nugent’s solo guitar playing over the past year. New material shows the added influence to Cian’s wandering guitar playing of the eternal flow of transnational desert blues, psychedelic thoughts on rock, feeling fine, jazz ambitions, and the campaign to legalise jamming. https://www.facebook.com/ciancnugent

Documenta (NI) Numbering seven members in total – including members of Sea Pinks, Girls Names and Desert Hearts – Documenta are a band whose uniquely blissful command of spaced-out, drone-heavy guitar pop practically guarantees a singular, if not briefly transcendental live experience. http://www.documentadronepop.com/

Twinkranes (Dub) specialize in zone out progressive Pop Music. In November 2009 their debut long player “SPEKTRUMTHEATRESNAKES” was released to critical acclaim. Over the course of its seven tracks the L.P melds the worlds of Motor Driven Kraut, Space Rock, Psychedelia, Drone & Avant Pop. https://www.facebook.com/TUUPRONG

Autumns (NI) are your archetypal ‘shoegazers’- a fusion of surf-rock and psychedelic rock. They blend a garage-punk beat with a post-punk, mid 80s sound, often likened to the Jesus And Mary Chain. https://www.facebook.com/Autumns

Magic Pockets is the name of Ruadhan O Meara’s lo-fi bedroom based electronic project. Combing vintage synthesizers and samples he draws upon the work of Tangerine Dream, Zombi, Goblin & Hawkwind.

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