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Nov 8, 2004
Awwwww this mama proctecting her babies

I've actually seen this, in Trumpistan, and it was really heartbreaking.

I was herding chislers around a forest and there was a river with a couple of well placed fallen trees. Now previously I've had swimmers when we've been crossing rivers on trees and I've become slightly more cautious about things, but I was slacking a little bit that day. There was a bit of a slip, and there was a hard sort of kick delivered to the tree we were using to cross the river, and the little guy booted the roof off a centipede nest.

Thankfully he didn't end up in the river, but he exposed mama centipede who was looking after a load of baby centipedes. Once I'd whooshed my guy along the log I tried to repair the centi house, but I realized that the centi babies were all over the shop. I wasn't about to go herding centi-babies but I realised we'd just fucked her entire setup. So I perched the bit of bark back on top and tried to make things look similar to the way they were before.

But yeah, bit of a stain on the consciousness. Mama centipede was a badass throughout.

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