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Jul 26, 2000
Alrighty: another brand new album for you to feast your ears on, 'In Headphones' by the brilliant David Long.

Bit tricky to classify, likely to be dug by fans of the Go Betweens, the Triffids, Whipping Boy, and the fantastic Into Paradise (David was their frontman). For those of you who don't know Into Paradise, take 5 minutes to check out either 'Yesterday's Men' or 'Only One'. You'll thank me for it!

And of course do check out David's new album! He's one of Ireland's best songwriters and is really firing on all 4 cylinders on this, his latest work.

Recorded by and co-produced by Red Snapper/Warp Record's David Ayers, who also guests on the record with some slide and electric guitar parts. Other collaborators include Adrian O'Connell aka the person writing this blurb (so you know you're getting a completely unbiased post!!), and a rare but lovely appearance from Blue in Heaven's Shane O'Neill on 'Heron's Fly'. Blue in Heaven are another Irish band really worth checking out; they made their first album with Martin Hannett, Joy Divison's producer.

But back to the man in question, Mr Long. Some listenifyin' links are included below, and if you don't like Spotify, some songs (like 'Underground Song') are on YouTube....

(Edit: if you want to catch him live, David will be making a rare appearance supporting the briliant A Lazarus Soul on the night of their new album launch in the Grand Social in Dublin on Friday May 3rd, link for tickets here).

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


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