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Dec 2, 2010
Hi. I'm selling a bunch of records :

Bold- s/t (red cover / 1st early press) // Revelation Rec. [URL=http://thumped.com/bbs/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1 1[/URL]
Chain Of Strength - True till death (2nd press / 2000 black) // Revelation Rec. [URL=http://thumped.com/bbs/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1 0[/URL]
Chain Of Strength - What hold us apart (clear wax / 3d press) // First Strike Rec.
Common Cause - Statement of purpose EP (black wax, The Smiths ripoff european sleeve /100) // Powered Rec.
Crippled Youth - Join the fight (2nd press / 500-800 clear) // New Beginning Rec. #1
Death Is Not Glamorous / Another Year - Split 7” // Take The Risk Rec. /Cycle Rec.
Floorpunch- Division one champs (2nd press / 800 blue) // In My Blood Rec. #1
Mindset - Time & pressure (400 red) // React! Rec.
More Than Life - Brave enough to fail (2nd press /200 clear/white-black splatter) / Day By Day Rec.
No For An Answer - You laugh E.P. (1st press / 2003 black w white label) // Revelation Rec. #6
No Tolerance - Boston straight edge (500 black) // 540 Rec.
No Tolerance - No remorse, no tolerance (black) // Youngblood Rec.
Noose - It's your time (200 grey, 2nd press) // React! Rec.
Noose - The war of all against all (200 green) // React! Rec.
Punch / Loma Prieta - Split
Razzle Dazzle - Demo revisited (black) // Lockin Out Rec.
Release - No longer 1980-1990 // Release and Inner Journey Rec.
Sabertooth Zombie - Human performance I I (white/black splatter) // Twelve Gauge Rec.
Sabertooth Zombie - Human performance III (clear/black splatter) // Twelve Gauge Rec.
Side By Side - You’re only young once… 1st press / 20017 black w white label) // Revelation Rec. #5
Supertouch - What did we learn // Combined Effort
Ten Yard Fight - Demo 1995 (yellow cover / 500) // SOA Rec.
Ten Yard Fight - Hardcore pride // Equal Vision Rec.
Ten Yard Fight - The only way (1st press / 2700 maroon) // Equal Vision Rec.
Turning Point - s/t (black w silver label) // Hi-Impact Rec. #1
v/a X marks the spot (1st press/ 1000 black) // Smorgasbord Rec.
Unit Pride - Then and now (1st press / #6 59/1000 yellow) // Point Black Rec.
Wide Awake - CT. Hardcore (1st press / dark blue cross on cover) // Schism Rec. #4
Wide Awake - The end // Mondo Gillipie Rec.
Zero Tolerance - Bad blood (900 black, Hi-Impact#2) // Hi-Impact Rec.

Cro-Mags - The age of Quarrel // Rock Hotel Rec. /GWR Rec.
Justice - Live and learn (TEST PRESS [URL=http://thumped.com/bbs/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1 1[/URL] /12, special sleeve / white label with special stamp) // Powered Rec.
Turning Point - It’s always darkest… // 1st press /// New Age Rec
Up Front - Spirit (black cover, 1st press 1100) // Smorgasbord Rec.

Please send your offers (not "how much for?") by email at [email protected]

Find more infos here HERE : http://www.straightandalert.com/27-second-hand-rare


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