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29th kilcoole gig 4e for 9 bands

Discussion in 'Eirecore' started by mc moley, Nov 13, 2003.

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  1. mc moley

    mc moley New Member

    i've posted this in various other threads but here we go now its official..
    gig on the 29th.......

    millions of dead girls * kid blunt * langdon beck * margin of error *crooky fix

    not in my name * evil elvis * the new kilcoole band(feat kendo and eoin)

    * foot in mouth

    a new bone ass cd is made and is free wit this frigging thing
    starts at 5 (very sharp!!!seriously)
    costs a mere 4 euros
    and kendo's shirt is garenteed to come off...what more could you ask for?

    kilcoole scout hall. kilcoole co wickla.
    the gigs over at half nine so we'll prob go off in a big mob somewhere to drink.
  2. my sherona

    my sherona New Member

    well done again with the dates on the flier dara.
  3. Super Dexta

    Super Dexta New Member

    If you added up all the members of those bands, would it come to more than about 10?

    I'm genuinely curious...is it really all the same handful of people who do stuff in kilcoole or does it just seem that way... Fair play to yous either way.
  4. damien

    damien Well-Known Member

    boo.. i want to play instead of a cover band or one that has only practiced a handful of times!!!
    (no offense..)
  5. Eoin is the only true slut, being a member of Foot In mouth, Kid Blunt and the "new band".
    All the other newies ie Not In My Name, Margin Of Error etc are their own people!
    Eoin does however plan to slowly absorb all bands into his ten track recorder and have us only exist as virtual musicians so he can control us when he pleases!
  6. bombidol

    bombidol Well-Known Member

    man, how do we go about getting a gig on the next one?
  7. Chunky D

    Chunky D New Member

    It's not all about you, give someone else a go.
  8. Phil

    Phil Ctrl+Alt+Dvl

    Even if they are shit.

  9. mc moley

    mc moley New Member

    theres ten people between foot in mouth, kid blunt and LANGDON BECK (who the hell is no compliance??!?)
    then m.o.e, crooky, are seperate
    the new band is a little hybrid band of kendo (l.b.) eoin (fim/kb) karl(respect thru fear) and grog (_)

    i dunno dont blame me im only in one band!!
  10. coldspoon con

    coldspoon con Member

    is this on the 29th of NOVEMBER??

    same day as the coldspoon conspiracy album launch?!

    bastards! (if it is)


  11. coldspoon con

    coldspoon con Member

    actually, i just noticed this bit now.

    i think i have an idea where yizzer big mob can go and drink....
    (just smuggle the tins in)
  12. the strange guy

    the strange guy I LOVE ALLAH YOUSE

    And always remember to bring your empty cans back out with you.
  13. Well to be perfectly honest there was a big argument about this. Lots of people wanted no Kilcoole bands to play at this, but others argued against it saying Kilcoole bands should play. The thing is, we definitely let the younger Kilcoole bands play because they can't get gigs anywhere else, plus the scout hall people have a bit of a say and their view is that local kids should be involved, hence new young bands. But that's no excuse for the lazy fat cats such as Kid Blunt, Foot in Mouth and Landon Wreck taking over the bill with their two hour sets and bad pyrotechnics. The next gig will not feature any of these egotistical "we must play every gig in case people forget who we are" maniacs!
  14. mc moley

    mc moley New Member

    unfortunatly noone can drink in the hall.
  15. mc moley

    mc moley New Member

    thats right...when i heard that you poshos were releaseing something me and stephen hughes said right. les hit those boys where it hurts.
    then when i met one of you the other day in tower rec. i said thats it thats the final straw. to think you guys call your self independant and then work for tower rec. well i say neh.
    so we finalised the plot and went through with it.
    but wait theres more ....ahahaha....after the gig we're gonna light an effigy of coldspoon conspiracy then get all the crusto's to piss and spit at it for approx 17 mins. then we were gonna proceed down to the beach.
    take that albulm relese party!

    ahh no sorry about that. thats kinda shit that it worked out that way we totaly forgot. i hope that loadsa people go to your thing.
  16. W.

    W. fuck dialectics

    who is a cover band?
    who only practicsed a handful of times?

    shouldn't new bands be encouraged?
  17. the strange guy

    the strange guy I LOVE ALLAH YOUSE

    Only the good ones.
  18. mc moley

    mc moley New Member

    owen and kendo's new band is called the soliders take half.
    there ya go you can all rest easy now.
  19. the strange guy

    the strange guy I LOVE ALLAH YOUSE

    Who takes the other half? The system?
  20. spuded

    spuded New Member

    here are margin of error that band of three 13 year olds who play that fast thrash, they played a kilcoole gig in the scouthall a while ago. If so rawkin.
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