1. therealjohnny

    Sheds and Home offices

    Do any of you have home offices/fancy sheds? I'm looking for recommendations. I've seen some at ok prices but when you add insulation the prices skyrocket. I'm thinking 5,000 is the max I could get a loan for, and about as much as I am willing to spend. Any advice? Also: Shed Ads Archives...
  2. N

    Rehearsal Studio Available to Rent (Dublin 6)

    Spacious rehearsal studio fully sound-proofed,situated in Terenure,Dublin 6. Equipped with: Pearl target series drum kit,drum riser,16 track mixer with 2 p.a. speakers,Laney half stack Guitar amp,Peavey bass amp,2 mics with tripod stands and 2 guitar stands,comfortable leather...