1. Anthony

    The Middle Ages - We Only Eat The Freshest

    Our new tune is out now. Bandcamp - Spotify - AppleMusic - Youtube - Soundcloud - We Only Eat The Freshest - The Middle Ages Play it often. Can't handle another weekly update that says number of listeners in the last 7 days: 0 Recorded in...
  2. N

    Drummer and collaborator

    Hi, I’m a drummer and would love to join a fun band or collaborate on projects. Mainly in rock style, but I’m up for any thing. I’m nearly 40 so, but don’t hold that against me. ;) Toured and recorded in the past and more focused on boutique style projects than garage bands. So hit me up for...
  3. Anthony

    The Middle Ages : NEW SINGLE - TOMORROW

    The Middle Ages drop a new single, 2 songs, tomorrow. Head over to our bandcamp page tomorrow and behold Disappointing Cafe and Thus Follows, two more instant classics from The Middle Ages' expanding catalogue of instant classics. Disappointing Cafe is self explanatory, no metaphors here. The...
  4. C

    ebay: IMAJINARY FRIENDS Lunchtime in Infinity CD swervedriver BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE

    The auction is here: Imajinary Friends are a psychedelic juggernaut -- which is not surprising, considering this is a band featuring former members of deluded psych-folksters the...