1. therealjohnny

    Punk House Oakland

    Coitus t-shirt alert https://www.kqed.org/arts/13894169/punk-house-oakland-captures-a-bay-area-subculture-like-never-before?fbclid=IwAR1190-OPwJkMnY0FwK0ixk8VmXpab2Nuignfx3fY8Sumg0iKPm-RQ55H5w https://www.instagram.com/punkhouseoakland/
  2. therealjohnny

    Fanzine exhibition ‘Publish and be Damned’ opens this Friday at UCC library

    Call goes out for counterculture Cork zines Fanzine exhibition ‘Publish and be Damned’ opens this Friday at UCC library Titles such as Plink Plink Fizz, Sunny Days and No More Plastic Pitches might not mean much to many people. But for some who grew up in Cork during the 70s, 80s and 90s...
  3. therealjohnny

    Punk for Beano

    Spreading the word... Click here to support Punk for Beano organised by John Foley We (Aoife Ward & John Foley) have with permission decided to organise a few ways to raise some money to help out an amazing, talented man I'm delighted to call a friend Graham Beano Heenan. Any donations at...
  4. pete

    Outcasts by Choice

    ‘Outcasts by Choice’ is a documentary about Belfast punk legends The Outcasts, who formed in 1977 and who were managed by Terri Hooley and part of his Good Vibrations label. The film follows the band from the early days in Belfast, to their dissolution in 1984. Then they re-formed in 2011 for a...
  5. L

    Autonomads, Capt. Hotknives, Dubtones, SHITHaTT and JobSeekers, May 11th Bohs bar

    Facebook event here: JobSeekers are honoured to bring to Dublin for the first time: AUTONOMADS "D.I.Y Dub-Punk and Ska from the north of England, Formed in a basement, Manchester 07′. Autonomads have done over 500 gigs across 12 countries, slept on your floors, played in fields, on sites, at...
  6. jenkuz_x

    Musicians wanted, garage fuzz, post rock type shite

    Particularly drums & bass but anything at all will do, South East so as long as that's not a problem
  7. C

    order: BRAINBOMBS "Souvenirs" t-shirt

    Pre-order BRAINBOMBS "Souvenirs" t-shirt @ http://chromepeeler.com/ Limited edition! This t-shirt has been officially sanctioned by the band. 2 choices: black shirt with white ink or white shirt with black ink printed on Gildan t-shirts This shirt is available for order until August 9th. No...
  8. The Mechanic

    Interview with Bob from the Jollars

    Bob spoke to Left of the Dial about the new album Half Cut on Limerick's Wired FM last night, you can hear it here
  9. Hooligan - Street Punk Hero

    Hooligan - Street Punk Hero

    From the Criminal Damage EP 2015, Oi! The Boat Records David Linehan - lead & rhythm guitar/vocals Tony Van Frater - lead & rhythm guitar/bass Decca Wade drums www.facebook.com/hooligan.dublin www.hooligandublin.com for music visit: WWW.OITHEBOAT.COM