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  1. niallmc

    Great Gig Memories

    Latest book from Hope Collective Out Now For many of us going to gigs is how we socailise and celebrate our community. That has been taken from us as Corona Virus spread quickly across the globe. It was a virus that didn’t care about Community. Hospitals were overloaded. Morgues overflowed with...
  2. The Mechanic

    Ginger Wildheart (the Wildhearts) - Workman's Club - 4th of August

    If I can't post this here, fair enough, and apologies. I'm not involved in the running if this or anything. Ginger from The Wildhearts is playing an acoustic gig in the Workman's Club tomorrow night. It's a last minute move from the Sugar Club. Tickets are only a tenner on the door. "An...