1. chris d

    The video for The Corrs So Young doesn't match the song lyrics at all.

    It's like a dystopian yuppie nightmare. I feel like I'm suffocating when I watch it. Top Comment is nice. "Nothing fancy, nothing Tik-Tok, no nudity or swearing; just a brilliant song by a fantastic group. Timeless."
  2. therealjohnny

    Presidential Election 2018

    More to be added, probably
  3. closed groove

    JUNGBLUTH Irish Tour Feb 2016

    Jungbluth from Germany Ex-Alpinist. Fast, crust and screamo influenced hardcore punk, with more recent guitar tones exploring a post-punk soundfield. European and fircely political. Named after Karl Jungbluth, a World War II resistance fighter. 18.02. – IRL / Belfast, Warzone Centre 19.02. –...
  4. Katie Cosgrove

    Musicians wanted for Cruise line jobs!

    Premier Entertainment Ireland are an agency that recruits musicians for cruise line work. We are seeking applications from all kinds of musicians and ensembles. Applications can be made through our website. We are also hosting auditions with a major cruise line in Dublin in the coming months...