1. therealjohnny

    Pedal power

    I have ongoing issues with my chain of pedals and wonder if how I'm powering them might be a contributing factor. Using a boss TU2 tuner to power them using a daisy chain, how many pedals is too many? Should I consider a multi pedal power supply? Any suggestions or recommendations?
  2. therealjohnny

    Justas Amps

    Calling all guitarists! Tonight (Sep 2 2016) in the venue we have an interesting one for you. Dublin custom amplifier maker Justas will be setting up a range of handmade amps for you to play with. Come talk to the designer and builder and try out the best amps ever built in this country. Bring...
  3. pete

    Because learning chords is for losers

    Press a button, play a chord on Magic Instruments’ digital guitar