ROGUE SPORE - Rituals Of Autumn Blasphemy - Live (RS8-2018)

    ROGUE SPORE - Rituals Of Autumn Blasphemy - Live (RS8-2018) released today and FREE to download!! Location - Dublin, Ireland Genre - Amphibious Electronics Year - 2018 ...for your displeasure!
  2. Adamaaa

    A Dream, The Night - Sick Day (Official Video)

    Hey my new indie-electronic band just released our first music video it would be great if yee could check it out :D
  3. Adamaaa

    My Bands Debut Release ADTN- Sick Day

    Hey:) My band "A Dream, The Night" just released our debut track on Friday and it would be great if you guys could check it out and let me know what you think. We are an Independent Electronic-Indie Duo based in the Limerick Area consisting of Adam Alcock and Julianne Murray. We...

    ROGUE SPORE - Escape From Asafoetida (RS7) ...coming soon...

    New ROGUE SPORE thing coming out in the next couple of weeks. More "head emerged bubbling hotpot of electronic squid" for your displeasure. This one's going to be a limited edition 6 panel gatefold digipack CD and download. Mostly recorded this spring, mastered by Mr Tommy O'Sullivan and has a...