1. therealjohnny

    Christmas 2021

    This morning as I was walking the dogs I noticed a parked car, windows up, absolutely blaring Shakin' Stephen's "Merry Christmas everyone". I can't imagine the hell it must have been to be on the inside of that car. Merry Christmas 2021 everyone
  2. therealjohnny

    Sugar Puffs- a year round breakfast staple, or a Christmas treat?

    I need to know
  3. therealjohnny

    Christmas 2019

    Starting the xmas playlist with this most unlikely collaboration
  4. AmyEn

    Where to escape Christmas this year?

    Do not feel like celebrating Christmas this year! Have some list of the Ideas like go somewhere hot (expensive :cautious: ), stay at home, go for some road trip. Need more ideas, anyone has some good tip? Thank you!
  5. pete

    Warlords of Pez Halloween Tour

    Space cross-dressers the Warlords of Pez will be inflicting themselves on unsuspecting audiences across the country this very Halloween. Read the whole post here.