1. rettucs

    Choice Music Prize - Irish Album of the Year 2015

    this (or last) year's shortlist not sure if this is the 2015 or 2016 shortlist. Its hardly 2016 since none of them were released this year (no shit). I love the broad range of genres represented yet again. Clearly a ploy by the judges to stop people giving out because theres no way anyone...
  2. pete

    Warlords of Pez Halloween Tour

    Space cross-dressers the Warlords of Pez will be inflicting themselves on unsuspecting audiences across the country this very Halloween. Read the whole post here.
  3. pete

    Electric Picnic 2015 non-attendees thread

    Looking forward to a nice feed of chips and feet up in front of the telly shortly. I'll keep you updated.