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  1. Stan Bowles

    The Run Ons

    It's only been a year since we started to record it, but song number two from The Run Ons has been finally been released into the wild. We'll be supporting The Dudley Corporation on Saturday if you fancy having early pints.
  2. Stan Bowles

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB

    Thinking of selling my Galaxy Tab that I bought in August. It's a fantastic piece of kit but I just don't use it. It's the 32GB model, unfortunately I threw out the box so it's sold as is with the charger. I'll throw in the nylon case I bought for free. Looking for €400, would rather sell to...
  3. Stan Bowles

    GTA V

    First Trailer now up.
  4. Stan Bowles

    Amazing levels of nerdage
  5. Stan Bowles


    I see they're playing UK dates in Feb, anyone know if anyone is planning on bringing them over here??
  6. Stan Bowles


    I've made this for all you mental PES fans who will never change, leave our FIFA thread alone you nutjobs.
  7. Stan Bowles

    The Best Thing About Neil Young Tonight...

    Was that he played almost the entire gig with half a shirt on.
  8. Stan Bowles

    Peugeot 206 For Sale!

    2002 Peugeot 2006 1.4 LX for sale. 5 door, manual gearbox, power steering, CD player, Electric windows. Low Mileage (just under 50k) and full Peugeot service history. Taxed untill the end of the year, NCT till 10/10. Has been a very reliable little motor, is as nippy as you'd want a...
  9. Stan Bowles

    JT's secret is out

    You'd think he'd have the cash to go private.
  10. Stan Bowles

    FM Live

    Got a good review on EG today. Just ordered it from play, 23.50 for the game and a four month sub. I'm a little scared though.
  11. Stan Bowles


    I kow this is a long shot, but I've a few hours to kill in Derby Saturday morning. Anyone got any ideas?
  12. Stan Bowles

    Thumped F.C.

    So as lefty said earlier in the other thread (and if you didn't see it, here you go), in FIFA 09 you can have clan support for up to 50 players for a single team of 10 players. Now I reckon we might struggle to make the ten, but I thought I'd put the idea out there and see who's in. Oh yeah and...
  13. Stan Bowles

    This should make GORILLAMUNCH very excited
  14. Stan Bowles


    This could be the most amazing game ever.
  15. Stan Bowles

    Learning to drive in town

    Anyone have any recommendations for driving instructors/schools in Dublin city centre? Not for me, for herself like.
  16. Stan Bowles

    Fender Jaguar Bass

    Anyone ever played one?
  17. Stan Bowles

    Richest club in West London

    Guess who it is now. Go on, guess.
  18. Stan Bowles

    Warlocks tonight

    I'm guessing no one else cares?
  19. Stan Bowles

    Where's Conniffe?

    There hasn't been any talk of periods for ages now....
  20. Stan Bowles

    what night for Xbox live gayness?

    If you're up for a bit of fortnightly xbox live homo-love, let us know which night would suit you best.