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  1. billygannon

    Steve Gunn

    I'm listening to his latest album The Unseen In Between. He's really, really good. It sounds like Jim O'Rourke, David Grubbs, Television, Isaac Guillory and lots more. I know he's played in Ireland a few times before... I hope he plays here again.
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    Girls Rock Dublin - Donations

    Here's the link:
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    Music Men Ruined For Me

    This zine will be available to buy soon... Music Men Ruined For Me collects stories of musical mansplaining "Was there a particular incident that inspired this project? I’ve had so many conversations about Guided by Voices at parties, on dates, in all sorts of contexts where a man will put on...
  4. billygannon

    Christmas traditions

    In Northern Norway, near where Santa lives, the tradition is to bury a relative alive. The tradition is called Bjordejokke. The person who was buried the previous year is dug up and replaced with the new living body. The person being buried is usually intoxicated, having drunk a mixture of...
  5. billygannon

    Post Human Amusements at Hourly Rates Guided By Voices

    What do you lot reckon? I'm listening to the last album, Space Gun, and it's growing on me. The title track is a cracker. It's a real Doug Gillard record - which isn't a bad thing - Mag Earwhig! is brilliant.
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    Girls Rock Dublin

    Here's a review of the camp that happened earlier this year: Just five days
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    Diarrhea Planet

    I'm rather enjoying Diarrhea Planet. It's uncomplicated rock'n'roll. Just started listening to them today... but they're breaking up. Ah well.
  8. billygannon

    Girls Rock Dublin

    This is something my daughter is doing this week: It is very good!
  9. billygannon

    Funny names

    Ufuk Uras A Turkish politician
  10. billygannon

    Camembert Quarter in the Dalkey Duck Sunday 17th June 2018

    Bryan Chubridy's mates are mincing up the classics in their suave, banal style in Dublin's blandest venue the Dalkey Dick. Come on down and enjoy a glass of vino and hang out with "goiys" as you waffle on about Leinster rugby and cryptocurrencies.
  11. billygannon

    How many pairs of shoes do you own?

    Currently I have 3, and I hope to have 4 by the end of the year. Projections for next year are 6 2020: 7 2021: 7 2022: 6.5 2023: 8 The current breakdown is: 1 pair of formal, leather 1 pair of casual trainers 1 pair of walking shoe The additional shoes at the end of the year will be 1 pair of...
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    The Grifters

    Anyone know them like them? Recommended albums etc.?
  13. billygannon

    The 1990's

    Great days
  14. billygannon

    Educate Together

    Right We had an absolutely disastrous experience with Educate Together. We took our kid out after one term. It completely changed my view of them.
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    It's been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages since I logged on here. Anyway, the design and layout is great. The best I've seen yet.
  16. billygannon

    ATP April 2016 - Stewart Lee

    Who wants to go? There's a deposit scheme thing... first deposit by November, the second in March. Boredoms, The Necks, The Ex, Sleaford Mods... more will be added.
  17. billygannon


    How about it? A new forum where Thumped people can discuss their gym routines and post pictures of themselves flexing their muscles and loads of homoerotic pictures along with patronising health advice.
  18. billygannon


    Hi Does anyone here have a van or know someone with a van who'd be willing to help me move a sofa from one part of the Dublin to the other? It'll be a two hour job
  19. billygannon

    Swimming lessons

    Hi Any suggestions for swimming lessons in the South Dublin/North Wicklow/East Kildare region? It's for the daughter, who's 7.
  20. billygannon

    Marissa Nadler, David Colohan - The Button Factory, Friday September 5th

    Win a pair of tickets to Marissa Nadler's Friday night gig in The Button Factory Continue reading...