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  1. Cornu Ammonis

    Recently Purchased

    That irr. app. (ext.) 10” is phenomenal.
  2. Cornu Ammonis

    European and Local elections 2019

    Greens went number one in both local and European for me.
  3. Cornu Ammonis

    Where can I get vinyl cleaning products in Dublin?

    You could probably get away with filtered water which might be cheaper and easier to do. Dublin water (southside anyway) is fairly pure due to the amount of granite it filters through.
  4. Cornu Ammonis


    My friend would make a great Morrissey replacement. He can do the voice but isn't a twat!
  5. Cornu Ammonis

    2019 Mini Marathon / A Little Lifetime

  6. Cornu Ammonis

    Minor complaints thread

    Placebo here.
  7. Cornu Ammonis

    European and Local elections 2019

    Yep. Mainly Green and independent.
  8. Cornu Ammonis

    Recently Purchased

    Those Wire and Joy Division albums are two of my favourites, the Wire one in particular is a banger.
  9. Cornu Ammonis

    Recently Purchased

    I'm feeling like I'm spending too much money when I look and see I'm the last three posts in this thread... Coil Airborne Bells CD Coil The Sound of Musick CD Coil First Dark Ride CD Coil vs ELpH Protection CD Coil Heartworms CD Coil I Don't Want to Be the One CD Coil Copal CD Coil The...
  10. Cornu Ammonis

    Recently Purchased

    Bill Laswell City of Light LP
  11. Cornu Ammonis

    Celebrity Creeps Thread

    Moby’s dick 🤮
  12. Cornu Ammonis

    Recently Purchased

    Various Artists The Noise of Art 2LP Various Artists An Anthology of Greek Experimental Electronic Music 2CD Various Artists An Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music 2CD Nodding God Play Wooden Child LP Nodding God In a Foreign Landscape CD Ulver Drone Activity 2LP
  13. Cornu Ammonis

    European and Local elections 2019

  14. Cornu Ammonis

    Can we have a night theme

    Is this the new far right I’ve been hearing so much about?
  15. Cornu Ammonis

    Hopeworld Thread
  16. Cornu Ammonis

    Can we have a night theme

    New features = new bugs
  17. Cornu Ammonis

    Can we have a night theme

    Though when this is enabled, the lightning bolt no longer shows unread posts but the What’s New page instead. Going back to light mode fixes it.
  18. Cornu Ammonis

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    A bit ponderous but reasonable finish. Kind of hard to think of anything better to wrap up a sprawling and lengthy fantasy work.
  19. Cornu Ammonis

    What movie did you watch last night?

    Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups This review is accurate...